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Heads Up: Something has gone to Hollywood’s head! The hairdos these glamour gals are wearing these evenings are too, too much. Some had no part, like Kookie’s date, Donna Brooks, Sandra Dee had a sweep cap. Vici Shaw, the busy mother-actress-homemaker and wife of Roger Smith, must have hand-sawed her hair into those clipped short terraces, each layer on a different level and ending in a tiny crop on top, similar to Steve McQueen’s wife, Neile Adams’ hairdo. ‘‘Easy to take care of,” Vici shrugs. And on them it looks wonderful. . . . Jayne Mansfield’s long-on-the-sides and short-in-the-back arrangement reminds one of Civil War belles who affected a curl over each shoulder. But never in platinum shades, I hope. And even Debbie Reynolds’ evening coiffure suggests an 1865 influence with her brown hair drawn over the ears from a center part with a huge diamond pin adorning the top. But weirdest of all. is Barbara Rush’s oriental-haremish effect with baubles and beads hanging free from a chignon (so did Connie Stevens’) plus two long chiffon streamers emerging from the back and reaching the floor. A real show-stopping performance. And p the dresses the girls are wearing! Susan Kohner and Dana Wynter both turned up with exotic Chinese looks. Judging by Jeanne Crain and Dinah Shore, elegance is back.

Around Town: Sandra Dee is wearing a sweet and tender smile these days. Reason—a secret romance in her life. And, probe as one may. Sandra just won’t talk. It’s always amusing to me how strictly parental producer Ross Hunter can be to Sandra, the youngster he propelled to fame in “Imitation of Life.” An actress reports how carefully Ross supervised Sandra’s make-up during the filming of “Portrait in Black.” “Take that goo off Sandra’s face,” he’d demand. “I want that fresh young look to come through.” And Sandra, who had secretly applied the extra make-up herself, would obediently wipe it off. . . . I wonder if the only reason Annette Funicello was Bobby Rydell’s date, at his own party, was Paul Anka’s out-of-town engagement? Bobby, a young singer who is climbing faster than Jack’s beanstalk, was thrilled with his guests Jack Kelly, Keely Smith who brought along her own young protege Kim Charney, Mike Dante, Steve Rowland, Connie Stevens and Jim Franciscus. A nice party for a talented lad. and Photoplay wishes him well. . . . The mysterious blond woman who got off the train in Memphis with Elvis and his dad was Mrs. Davada Elliott,whom Vernon Presley met in Germany and plans to marry. Divorced, she has three sons. . . . Jacques Bergerac and wife, Dot Malone, called their new arrival “Mimi.”

Funny Men: Tony Randall, as emcee, had us in stitches at the Foreign Press Awards with his pretended ( ? ) jealousy of Jack Lemmon, who won a Golden Globe for his work in “Some Like It Hot.” But even in Hollywood, and among the famous, life’s little frustrations creep up. For instance, all through Tony’s caustically funny praise of Lemmon, as “the greatest young comedian” in the business, Jack’s best girl, Felicia Farr, was in the powder room and missed it all. And you should have seen her eyes pop when she returned and beheld Jack’s Globe at his place. “You didn’t hear what he said,” Lemmon sighed. “And he was wonderful.” On one of her very rare appearances, Marilyn Monroe slithered up to the dais, swathed to the chin line in furs, accepted her Globe for “Some Like It Hot,” and slithered right out the door and home again. And as “international stars of tomorrow,” members of the Foreign Press chose Barrie Coe, Angie Dickinson, George Hamilton, Janet Munro, James Shigata, Troy Donahue, Stella Stevens and Tuesday Weld. How does their choice compare with yours?

I Believe: Sal Mineo took on more than he could handle in the “Gene Krupa Story.” I sincerely hope he redeems himself in “Exodus.” Sal is now a part of that star-laden cast shooting in Israel. . . . I think Rock Hudson’s taste runs to type. The girl on his arm, these evenings, is Pat McCallum, George Nader’s present secretary. The girl he married, Phyllis, was also a secretary, if you remember. . . . I think Rick Nelson is trying to get around the decline in rock ’n’ roll by concentrating on the acting end of his career. And I truly believe he and brother David will form a twosome to tour the country this fall. What a sell-out!!!! I am fearful that Tony Curtis’ ambitions are romping ahead of bis talents. If he actually goes through with his plans to co-star with Academy Award winner Simone Signoret in “Cheri,” I, for one, will take to my tree-house and refuse to come down until it’s over. . . . I’m of the opinion Brigitte Bardot’s demands for making a movie in Hollywood, as to salary, cast and condition, are too ridiculous to really bother about. . . . Yul Brynner looking happy with his bride Doris Kleiner whom he married in Mexico. He announced it April 1st—the day of the wedding. . . . Diane McBain is one of the prettiest girls in town. And Angus Duncan, her best beau, is the luckiest—because Diane prefers him to all others.

Those Separation Blues: I saw it coming—that separation between Hope Lange and Don Murray. The signs were obvious but the denials were firm. Because of their two very small children, I kept hoping for the best and said nothing. But Don has now moved from the home he shared with his family and will devote his future leisure to his refugee project on the island of Sardinia. The tip-off to their incompatibility was the contrast in Hope’s attitude with Don and without him. For instance, I noted how happy and relaxed Hope was on the set of “Best of Everything,” off in a corner dancing with Steve Boyd or chatting with Brian Aherne. Several weeks later, I saw the Murrays dining with friends at Chasen’s and their air of dejection, perhaps rejection, contrasted strangely with the gay chatter around them. Friends feel Hope’s sudden leap to stardom this past year may have brought about the break. . . . Marie McDonald, “The Body Beautiful” who twice wed Harry Karl and twice divorced him, has filed for divorce against her last husband. agent Lou Bass, whom she married only a year ago. Marie’s life, it seems, is filled with one tempestuous event after another. . . . And once again those rift rumors between Jean Simmons and Stewart Granger are floating about, and once again they’re denying them. . . . No denials, though, from Audie Murphy. Sad to say, the stories of the end of his marriage, are true. The couple have two children. 

Twosomes: The old rumors, once again, had Kim Novak wedding Richard Quine during her visit to London, where Quine is now directing “The World Of Suzie Wong.” But it’s a funny thing. I kept remembering Kim’s words at the time of her romance with Mac Krim. “If it doesn’t happen right off, it never will.” And Kim has known Quine, lo, these many years. . . . Audiences, at that night club in Las Vegas, were thrilled to see Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin together on the same stage and, once again, going through their old routines. But, rest assured, each has been successful on his own and each will continue to go his separate way—professionally. But it’s nice to know most of the bitterness is gone. . . . I hope Debra Paget’s marriage to producer-director Budd Boetticher brings more happiness than her first one did.

This and That: Friends have said that Eddie Fisher and Liz Taylor have bought a plot of land in Jamaica on which to build a dream house. By the way, happy first anniversary to these two. . . . Pat Boone’s success has brought him everything he wants—except one thing. The privilege of living and raising his children in California. And I’m of the opinion, sponsor or no sponsor, a man has a right to live where he chooses. . . . Heads shake, these days, over the new Shirley MacLaine, a member of “The Clan” who has the earmarks of taking herself and her success too big.

Mail Box Corner: Good News! You many readers who asked about the Nelson Eddy fan club or the Nelson Eddy Music Club, may now write to Mrs. Marilyn Gavran, 129 Howland Ave., River Edge, New Jersey. So happy to have this news for you. . . . Stephen Boyd ran away with top honors this month, with dozens of fans wanting to know more and more about the wonderful Messala of “Ben-Hur.” It’s that Irish smile that beguiles the ladies (and me, too), I do believe. Lately, Steve has been beauing Elana Eden and Dolores Hart around town. His divorce from Mariella di Sarcana, to whom he was married a few short weeks, became final the day his ex-wife suddenly arrived in Hollywood—much to Steve’s embarrassment. . . .

To my amazement, Doug Moore of 2605 Angus Blvd., Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, telephoned the news he’s starting a Sara Hamilton fan club, of all things! I couldn’t be more flattered. . . . Mrs. Fay Spieler would like to know more about her favorite actor, Earl Cameron. News, anyone???? Mr. Chaw Mawk of Staunton, Ill., Box 30, wants you to know about his new type of fan club for Elvis. Each member receives a booklet about Elvis!!!! And guess who I love? You correspondents who don’t ask for the home address of a star, which I can’t reveal. And you wonderful people who do enclose a stamped envelope.

Purely Personal: “Cary Grant calling,” the voice on the telephone announced and sure enough, there was my friend Cary, enthused over the story I’d written about him in Photoplay. He was happy, too, and full of plans for his movie, “The Grass Is Greener.” which is now filming in London. “We have a wonderful cast, Sara—Deborah Kerr, Jean Simmons, Robert Mitchum and Trevor Howard. And here’s the plan,” he added. “You’re to come to England while I’m shooting and visit me on the set.” Happy days and will I ever???? It was the biggest and loveliest bouquet possible. As the delivery boy carried it in. I reached for the card and thrilled to the moment. Here were my favorite blooms from “The Man I Love”—David Ladd, that young star of “A Dog of Flanders.” “Dear Miss Hamilton,” he wrote, “Thank you for what you wrote about my picture. It was really wonderful. Do hope you’ll come see us soon. Love David.” And love to you, David. . . . Now that they are married. Jill St. John feels she’s a little too feminine to take up her husband’s hobby—car racing. And devoted hubby, Lance Reventlow, adds: “They don’t make overalls her color anyway.” . . . Joy in the Lee J. Cobbhousehold. Lee excitedly called to say a baby son arrived.

Do You Remember: Jane Withers, the plump, plain child actress who walked in the shadow of Shirley Temple’s footsteps at 20th Century-Fox studios? All too well. I recall the famous feud between Jane and Shirley, with Shirley’s mother alert to Jane’s every move. Today, Jane is happily married to Ken Errair and a mother, herself, of five happy children. . . . Do you remember Myrna Loy as a slinky Oriental siren on the screen who later became a charming comedienne and Bill Powell’s wife in “The Thin Man” movies? Today, Myrna is back in Hollywood, free, happy and preparing for her biggest role in a long time, in “Midnight Lace”. . . . And do you remember the shining brunette beauty of Olivia de Havilland in those early Warner Brothers movies with Errol Flynn, with Fredric March and George Brent? Well. Olivia is visiting Hollywood, again, the wife of Pierre Galante of Paris, the mother of two beautiful children and she’s absolutely as lovely as ever. Well now, do you remember? As for me, I can’t forget them.

Cal York’s Jottings: James Garner is still another Warner Brothers’ star trying to ooze out of his contract. Jim is using the writers’ strike as a loophole. . . . If that romance between Jeff Chandler and Esther Williams is really serious, we’ll soon know it. Jeff’s divorce is final. And so is Esther’s. . . . It took one blind date for Sterling Hayden to know Mrs. Catherine McConnell of New York was the one for him. A month later, Sterling provided his brood with a new mother . . . Ingrid Bergman, who has battled ex-husband Rossellini through the courts of Rome for her children, is having another child. Husband Lars Schmidt is delighted. . . . Gina Lollobrigida and husband, Mike Skofic, may become citizens of Canada, where Gina’s husband hopes to practice medicine. . . .

The Lennon family are firm believers in the adage “cheaper by the dozen.” Those four lovely girls who grace the Lawrence Welk show are now part of a family of 12—7 girls and 5 boys. . . . Leo Durocher struck out in his marriage to Laraine Day, who has applied for a divorce. Now perhaps Leo will return to the profession he really loves—baseball. . . . And Chuck Connors, who recently won an Award for his work in “Rifleman,” is the happiest ex-ball player in town. It’s every man to his profession, I guess. . . . On his trip to New York, Fabian’s steady companion was lovely Joan Wynne—Ed Wynne’s daughter. I figure there must be something serious between those two, because Fabe took her to the Opera, along with Frankie Avalon and Judi Meredith—and you can guess how he feels about opera!




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