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Hollywood’s Newest Saturday Night Craze

Guess What Tuesday Talked Elvis Into Just when I thought Tuesday Weld had settled down, she dreamed up the maddest thing in years—a hidden mike party—and talked Elvis into giving one with her. The guests never guessed their every word was being mysteriously wicked up. When...

Elvis Presley: “If Only Mom Had Lived To See My Child”

“I would have wanted so much to have a family of my own,” Elvis Presley said. “A wife, kids—so my mother could have been a grandma.” He spoke the words unconsciously—as though his mother’s death, just three years ago August 14th, had somehow lessened his chances...

“The Hardest Thing In Life Is To Make Love Well”

In a recent interview, European actress Romy Schneider said, “The hardest thing in life is to make love well.” We decided to ask several Hollywood stars whether or not they agreed with her . . . and why. For their provocative answers, click on the...

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