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News About Twos: Filmtown has very little hope for a happy outcome on the Jane Powell-Geary Steffen marriage. Jane seems determined to have herself a freedom fling . . . The walls separating Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis from their neighbors are thin, which is why those “not getting along” rumors are circulating. But insiders are wary of divorce predictions . . . Mitzi Gaynor would like to make a picture with Donald O’Connor, who will learn that she “cares” when he reads it here! . . . Mona Freeman has been advised to circulate more with eligible Hollywood gents. It seems there were repercussions from that printed announcement (which Mona didn’t make) that she was following Bing Crosby to Europe.

Mother’s Daze: Anyone who knows Shelley Winters, also knows she takes everything in a beeeg way. So as far as Shel is concerned, no one has had a baby as fabulous, brilliant, beautiful and adorable as Miss Vittoria Gina Gassman. Bouncing from table to table in the U-I commissary, as she showed a few dozen snapshots of her baby to everyone, proud Mama exclaimed: “Aren’t they absolutely sensational—and they’re not even retouched!”

Last Laugh: Cal hates to be smug, but, Oh what protests when he announced in Photoplay that June Allyson and Jeanne Crain would ask “out” from their studios. That was several months ago. Now the lovely ladies just took a walk—right out the front gate! It’s no secret that June feels M-G-M is no longer the lot she loved when she signed there ten years ago. Jeanne was at Twentieth ten years, too, and both were new discoveries when they started. With the super-sexy buildup given to Marilyn Monroe and Terry Moore, you can’t blame Jeanne for resenting those sugar-coated parts she’s been playing.

Down Romance Lane: Before he left for Europe to make “King Arthur and the Round Table,” Robert Taylor ordered sweetheart roses to be delivered to Ursula Thiess every Thursday. You guessed it! They met on a Thursday . . . Over one exciting weekend, Tab Hunter got himself a date with Joanne Gilbert and his first brand new convertible, which he had painted his favorite shade of coral . . . Pier Angeli’s twin, Marisa Pavan, is teaching Richard Egan how to order food in her native tongue at Romeo’s Italian restaurant . . . In Paris, Gary Cooper denied rumors of a romance with French actress Gisele Pascal, by reminding everyone he is a married man! As Cal recalls, he wasn’t exactly unmarried during the Patricia Neal episode . . . Before Lex left Lana in Europe to return to Hollywood and a movie commitment he placed a pair of miniature gold handcuffs on her charm bracelet—as a gentle reminder!

Short Snorters: Red Skelton to Mary Wickes on the “Half a Hero” set: “I saw a picture that was so sad, every carburetor in that drive-in movie was choked up!” Betty Grable and Harry James, enjoying a rare night out, were asked to pose for a picture; “Who do you think we are,” kidded la Grable, “Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis?” . . . Jack Benny trying to talk Fred Allen into living in Hollywood: “But Jack,” cracked Mr. Vinegar Puss, “I can’t find one of those Beverly Hills homes with a built-in psychiatrist!”

Girl Scout: Virginia Mayo, who is so grateful to Warners for rescuing her from Danny Kaye in those early Goldwyn musicals, was reluctant to announce she was expecting her first baby in November! Fortunately, with two unreleased Mayo movies, the studio has nothing to worry about. Beaming Mike O’Shea says he hopes his new daughter will have Ginny’s beauty and disposition. Ginny says, “I pray that our son will have his father’s blue eyes, and red hair and freckles!”

Home Fires: Mrs. Rory Calhoun has the cutest sense of humor in Hollywood. When she visited Twentieth recently, her handsome husband was doing a-hot love scene with Betty Grable. Later, when Rory arrived home, incense was burning, soft seductive music was playing and Lita greeted him dressed alluringly, ready for a cheek-to-cheek dance.

May and December: Those loud moans and groans coming from U-I’s fan-mail department are caused by Rock Hudson’s admirers (and like Durante he’s got a mil-l-I-lion of ’em). They don’t like his dating Mrs. Gary Cooper because of their age difference. Rock’s fans are also afraid that he might become too sophisticated. Relax everybody, it’s merely a mild friendship . . . Dig this one if you can! Marlene Dietrich, exuding glamour, was at the Beachcombers with youthful Craig Hill.

Friends and Foes: Word drifts back from Honolulu that Frank Sinatra and Montgomery Clift became such buddy-buddies on the “From Here to Eternity” location they ignored the rest of the company to the point of rudeness . . . With super-sexy beefcake boys trying in vain to date Marilyn Monroe while Joe DiMaggio was in Bermuda, she showed up at Chasen’s with Donald O’Connor and spent a charming evening in his charming company . . . Anne Baxter’s unsuccessful attempt to revolutionize her personality, hasn’t discouraged Jeanne Crain. Her skin-tight gowns, plunging necklines and close-clipped tangerine colored hair-do are something to see.

Old Acquaintance: Way back when they were University Players at Falmouth, Massachusetts, Jimmy Stewart and Henry Fonda struck up a friendship that’s endured through the years. Recently, “Hank” was playing in “Point of No Return” at the Los Angeles Biltmore Theatre. The Stewart twins happened to be having their second birthday, so godfather Fonda tore out to Beverly Hills between matinee and evening performances and helped Judy and Kelly cut themselves a piece of cake.

Did You Know: That Bob Mitchum not only sings Negro spirituals that are out of this world, but, along with Dok Stamford, he recently composed “Hi, Mr. Cotton Picker,” a sensational novelty number . . . That M-G-M took all the “pink” out of Lucille Ball’s hair because it didn’t photograph well in Technicolor for her movie “The Long, Long Trailer” . . . That Doris Day could retire on the money she’s refused because she will not endorse cigarettes, beer, or any product that she doesn’t actually use . . . That the thieves who ransacked Rory Calhoun’s Ojai Valley—ranch overlooked valuable jewelry and—stole, of all things, a stuffed moose head!





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