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For Your Home Sweet Home Life

Martha O’Driscoll casts her vote for vegetables . . . even spinach . . . in the raw, for pastels and bright colors, Kelly green especially, and for tennis and cribbage. (Cribbage she learned to play during the war. A General taught her as the two of them were on their way up front in a jeep.)

Be lovely in this Junior robe by Raymodes Juniors in “San-Chu” crepe by Duplex. White bands outline the flattering collar and tight cuffs. In navy, red or aqua. Sizes 9-15. About $22.95 at Gimbels, Pittsburgh, Pa; Hutzler Bros., Baltimore, Md.

Be toasty warm . . . and exciting, too . . . in this slim-wrapped boucle robe with embroidered trim on the loose pocket. Designed by Diana Dean. In high shades, pastels and white. Sizes 12-20. About $20.00 at Goldblatt Bros., Chicago, Ill; Joseph Magnin, San Francisco, Calif.

Mix your color boldly


You’ll cut a pretty figure in this flattering wool and plaid skating ensemble by Korday. Jacket $14.95. Skirt $7.95. Hood $3.95. Also in red wool. Sizes 12-18. At Bloomingdale’s, New York, N. Y. Charles A. Stevens, Chicago, Ill.

Add a dash of spice and brilliance to your wardrobe with this neat waist-whittling 100% wool vest and skirt. By Sporteens. In a variety of bright colors. Sizes 12-18. Each $7.95. At Strawbridge & Clothier, Philadelphia, Pa., and Macy’s, New York, N. Y.



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