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Thoughts For Spring: Leslie Caron’s magic feet can dance in any language, but it’s the rhythm of the Cha-Cha that drives her “Cra-zee!” Although the enchanting mademoiselle still loves to dance, she has decided to put away her professional dancing slippers in favor of acting. Leslie was bitten hard by the acting bug while making “Gaby” with John Kerr, who is a disciple of the Actors Studio in New York. And, since the starting of her next picture, “Wonderland,” was postponed until after Easter, Leslie decided (like Marilyn Monroe) to improve her emoting ability at the famous studio. . . . On STU FR account of because it’s Leap Year, perennially-popular Ann Miller may take the big leap! There’s a local socialite, a wealthy Texan and a New York tycoon—all waiting for Miss Annie to say that three-letter word. . . . On the other hand, super-sexy Valerie French is anything but marriage-minded. The British-born actress, who plays opposite Glenn Ford in “Jubal,” moved out of the Studio Club because she couldn’t keep a dog there. She won’t and can’t keep a date with frustrated Hollywood wolves because, they say, there’s a romance in her life that’s supposedly top secret! . . . Julie Adams discovered nature—mother nature that is—when her handsome hubby Ray Danton bought her a set of golf clubs. They tee off every weekend in Palm Springs, where Julie also takes tennis lessons at the Racquet Club. Skin-diving is next on Ray’s long list of sports he wants to share with the little woman! . . . Although there’s an exciting new playwright in Barbara Rush’s life, and Jeff Hunter’s dating perky Peggy King, the divorced couple still got together and planned an Easter-egg hunt for son Christopher. Barbara may have two important reasons for celebrating—if she signs that long-term contract with M-G-M.

While awaiting the stork, dainty danseuse Taina Elg moved into a larger house and painted and dec- orated the nursery with her own artistic hands. Practically on deadline, Taina’s adored mother arrived from Finland in time to greet her new grandchild. . . . And the parents of pixie-faced Shirley MacLaine got the thrill of their lives when their daughter treated them to a trip around the world. Shirl herself went “Around the World in 80 Days”—in front of the cameras. And, while his now-famous wife was shooting scenes in Tokyo, director-husband Steve Parker studied the famous Japanese Kabuki Dancers. . . . Martha Hyer (they call her “Miss Color Radio deep in the heart of Texas) suddenly discovered she could paint portraits. But the blond and beautiful one wasn’t in front of her easel when her devoted doctor in San Francisco failed to reach her by telephone. The real reason? John Bentley, U-I’s handsome new British import, who just happens to be a fast “operator,” too!

Words And Wisdom: Now that she’s a young matron, everyone expected Debbie Reynolds to stop selling cookies for the Girl Scouts. But, says Mrs. Eddie Fisher, “Just because I changed my name is no reason why I should change my ideals.” Cookies anyone? . . . Alan Ladd on the subject of his daughter Carol Lee’s separation from Richard Anderson: “The first year of any marriage is a trying period of adjustment. Carol Lee and Richard are only human, but they are the ones who must work out their own problems, and I’m sure they will.” . . . And Guy Madison has this to say about those vicious, exposé-magazine attacks on famous people: “I feel very sorry for anyone who hopes to benefit by attempting to destroy others. Hating only destroys the hater!” Truer words were never said.

Looking Ahead: What’s new about Rock Hudson that hasn’t been printed? “My headache,” groaned the groom, as he lowered his long frame into a chair opposite Cal in the U-I commissary. “Now why do I go to cocktail parties?” he lamented. “What’s new? Well, I saw a beautiful tablecloth in a window and I just had to buy it for Phyllis. But she’s so levelheaded, when she found out it cost $175, she took it back and got six for the same price! And, after all our talk about having a swimming pool and enlarging our house, we’re going to sell it and buy a new one in Beverly Hills. Phyllis is out looking now. She’s using the name of Mrs. Fitzgerald so they won’t stick the high-price gun in her back! We want lots of space around us, and we need an extra bedroom.” No, Rock didn’t say they plan to convert it into a nursery—so we’ll say it for him!

Direct Hit: It happened a drive-in on the way to Palm Springs. June Allyson and Dick Powell were having a hamburger when a hotrod pulled up next to their car. The kids in it recognized the Powells, and finally one of them came over and asked Dick if he’d help him win a five-dollar bet. All Dick had to do was take a kick in the pants! No-chicken Dick complied, then asked, “Now tell me why I rate this?” “Because you married our dream girl,” was the answer! June laughed until she cried.

Live And Learn: Everything happens to Tab Hunter! His heart hit bottom when his Thunderbird was stolen from the parking lot at the Crescendo. The police finally found it in Mexico, but Tab’s missing St. Christopher medal key ring that was blessed by the Pope, can never be replaced. Because generous Tab finally realized he was running into debt buying gifts for everyone, he’s hired himself a business manager who’s keeping him on a strict budget. And recently, when he was testing for “Burning Hills,” he got a phone call telling him his horse, Swizzlestick, had sprained an ankle. The frantic Tab did a perfect test, in one “take,” raced for the stables, and got a ticket for speeding. “From now on,” grins chagrined Taberoo, “I’m carrying a rabbit’s foot in every pocket!”

Seen And Heard: Deeply discouraged Robert Wagner may be the next one to pull a sit-it-out strike. Bob wants a good role with his own studio and preferred suspension to making “The Proud Ones,” which was originally scheduled for Bob Stack. . . . The same week Jean Simmons learned she was going to become a mother, Stewart Granger took off for London for retakes with Ava Gardner for “Bhowani Junction.” So Jean had to make the big move into their new Bel-Air home by herself, but she says, “Even an earthquake couldn’t spoil my happiness!” . . . Top money-making star of 1955, Jimmy Stewart, bought a one-fifth interest in a rhinoceros! You can see it at the zoo in Fort Worth, Texas.

Hearts And Flowers: No surprise was Gregory Peck’s marriage to European newspaper woman, Veronique Passani. Their first congratulatory wire came from no- longer-heartbroken Greta Peck, Greg’s ex! . . . John Derek’s supposed heart interest is going out of his life—profession- ally-speaking, that is. Paramount failed to renew its option on Ursula Andress. . . And too bad Warners dropped handsome Bob Horton the same week he reconciled with Barbara Ruick. However, Columbia has been talking a term deal. . . . After Aldo Ray reconciled with Jeff Donnell, he placed a standing order with the florist for her favorite red roses.

Bottoms Up: For the first time, an enthusiastic bunch of sailors in the South Pacific saw a Marilyn Monroe movie. When they got a glimpse of that famous wiggle, the boys promptly dispatched a letter to the curvaceous blond, electing her their honorary Rear Admiral!

Sense And Nonsense: Remember last month we told you that exhausted William Holden agreed to make “The Rainmaker” because he admires Katharine Hepburn and wanted to play opposite her? Now hear this! Katie turned down this excellent offer when the studio insisted on giving Bill first billing. He begged them to let the lady have her way. But his bosses are well aware of the box-office value of the Holden name and refused to take advantage of his typically nice offer.

Today Target: “The rumor that Mike and I are separating is as inevitable as death and taxes!” That’s how Liz Taylor dismissed the recent scuttlebutt, and she couldn’t have looked less concerned. Michael Wilding had just returned from making a movie in Europe. He brought with him a priceless Ming Dynasty statuette horse for lovely Liz’s birthday, which is also the day Mike, Jr. was born. So the Wildings had one of their happiest reunions. It was highlighted by a phone call from Jean Simmons and Stewart Granger, asking them to be godparents of their firstborn, which is scheduled to arrive in July.

New Deal: Russ Tamblyn didn’t want two careers in one family. His fiancée Venetia Stevenson just wanted “to be a good wife and mother.” But Russ finally called up his good friend, agent Dick Clayton—who handled the late James Dean and currently handles Tab Hunter. “You’re the only agent who hasn’t hounded us,” said Russ, “so we’ve changed our minds if you’ll handle Venetia.” Dick took the blue-eyed blond to RKO and Paramount. Both studios fought to sign her—and finally, RKO won.

Life Begins: Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis returned from Europe in a blaze of glory—and hysteria. Their house was in shambles, the result of a recent robbery. It was like a treasure hunt, trying to piece together a wardrobe for the Cocoanut Grove opening at which they were the honored guests of the performing Gower Champions. Expectant mother Janet has never been in better health, and Tony’s European haircut makes him look a little like Napoleon!

Nautical And Nice: The longer Audie Murphy lives, the wiser he gets. Other stars indulge in night-club sprees and Palm Audie invested in a 65-foot motor-sailboat, which he has named “Petrel,” after the oceanic bird. “I want my children to love the outdoors,” he says, “and what could be healthier than sea air?” Typical of Audie, before he’d even allow son Terry aboard, he taught the little fellow how to swim.

News About Twos: Since Susan Hayward’s been dating popular Hal Hayes, the change in her personality has delighted the many friends who’ve hoped Susie would learn how to enjoy her good life. . . . After their off-again on-again romance, Bob Stack and Rosemary Bowe finally tied the knot. Apparently, Rosemary realized that a nice guy like Bob shouldn’t be taken for granted… “Bud” Pennell (an ex-baseball player) and Marla English have called off those steady dates, and now Larry’s pitching woo at receptive Terry Moore. . . . But Jane Wyman’s “hot” romance mentioned in various columns, turned out to be none other than a TV sponsor who was selling Jane on his product and not himself! . . . Contrary to those Kim Novak-Mac Krim breakup rumors, Mac was shopping around for a violet-colored Thunderbird—which just happens to be beautiful Kim’s favorite color.

Just For Laughs: Fun-loving George Nader took Dani Crayne to a Chinese restaurant recently. During dessert, when Dani opened her fortune cookie, the slip of paper inside read: “Lucky girl. You’re sitting opposite the most exciting actor in Hollywood!” You know who framed that one!

Baby Talk: When Ann Blyth saw her new daughter for the first time, she looked at tiny Maureen McNulty and sighed: “With such beautiful red hair, you must have a red-headed godmother, too.” Ann was thinking of her good friend Betty Lynn, who couldn’t have been more pleased. . . . Normally, wouldn’t you think that Jane Powell and Marilyn Maxwell had little in common? Well, both were expecting Sir Stork at the same time, so they’ve become fast friends. . . . The gang at Paramount pulled a fast one on Charlton Heston, whose son was a year old on February 12. They retouched a beard onto a photograph of the “old man” and made him look like Lincoln!

Food For Thought: Remembering the food shortage during England’s grim war years, Joan Collins planned an elaborate welcome dinner at Romanoff’s when her sister arrived in Hollywood. “I thought Jackie looked disappointed,” laughs Joan, “so I asked her what was wrong.” Jackie hesitated, then asked plaintively, “Do they serve American hot dogs at Romanoff’s?” Joan promptly put her in the car and headed for the nearest drive-in!

According To Rumor: Marlon Brando, who likes to keep his private life private, in- structs each new girlfriend not to discuss him for publication. . . . Lana Turner refers to Fred MacMurray and Michael Rennie as “two charming gentlemen,” but she clams up if anyone asks her about Richard Burton. They all worked together in “The Rains of Ranchipur.” . . . Now that Claudette Colbert has played opposite Noel Coward in the TV version of “Blithe Spirit,” she isn’t exactly his number one fan. Insiders say Missy Colbert didn’t go for the way dear Noel tried to run the whole show!

Words And Music: It was another stroke of bad luck when Pier Angeli fell and broke a bone in her ankle. But there’s good news tonight and every night about those songs she sings in “Port Afrique.” Originally intended for Kathryn Grayson, they had to be transposed for pretty Pier’s singing range and she had to learn to sing them in two day’s time. Vic Damone listened to the special set of recordings Pier made for him and he’s in a daze of delight.

In Case You Care: Even blasé Hollywood was surprised at that nationally syndicated story by Grace Kelly’s mother. Until Grace became engaged to Prince Rainier of Monaco, publicizing her personal life and loves was always a taboo subject. Now no one understands this lavish indulgence! . . . Despite all that publicity about the “new” Mario Lanza, he looks like the “old” one again. After slimming down for “Serenade,” when the picture finished the tempestuous singer went back on a spaghetti binge. . . . Gordon Scott may marry Vera Miles, but “Tarzan” can’t get her for his jungle mate, because Alfred Hitchcock who holds Vera’s contract (he wants to make her into a second Grace Kelly!) won’t release her. . . . Eighteen-year-old Natalie Wood now prefers the company of “older men who are around forty!”



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