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Holiday In Hollywood

You in Hollywood! Sound like a dream? Well, maybe! But it’s one dream that can come true! Yes, on your salary . . . and yes, today!

THIS YEAR, spend your golden two-weeks-with-pay in the glittering city where stars are born . . . where dreams are made to come true! You’ll have the time of your life, for surprisingly little of your own hard-earned “gold!”

ON THESE pages, PHOTOPLAY has filmed a miniature movie—“Holiday in Hollywood.” Ann Blyth, Vera-Ellen, Anne Francis and Julia Adams are the stars—and the role they’re playing is . . . YOU, vacationing in the film capital of the world.

THE CLOTHES they’re wearing comprise one wonderful, travel-light wardrobe of separates, enough for your entire trip, coming and going . . . and for every minute you’re there. The price of the whole, dreamy wardrobe including luggage: under $150! PHOTOPLAY’s Wonder-Wardrobe is based on California colors of sunny red and gold, contrasted with muted stripes. It includes a dress-and-jacket travel costume and ten travel-wise separates (skirts, tops, shorts, pedal-pushers, jacket and stole); three pairs of shoes (for travel, evening and play); two hats; two pairs of gloves; two pairs of nylons; a star-printed, pure silk scarf; a terrific red travel-and-beach bag; a patent leather bag for dress and a pretty pearl clutch for evening; an all-purpose, white elastic belt; gold jewelry; and even sun glasses, camera and suitcase!

VERA, JULIA and the two beauteous Annie’s have put their lovely heads together with PHOTOPLAY’S fashion editor to show you how to wear the Wonder-Wardrobe . . . how to mix and match all the items so you’re dressed right for every Hollywood occasion, day and night. We photographed them in night clubs, restaurants and other attractions you will want to visit on your holiday in their town! 

TAKE YOUR CUE from them! Glide into Los Angeles aboard a silvery luxury train or a cross-country bus. Either way, you’ll be streamlining your budget and getting a breathtaking, panoramic view of America’s western wonderland en route. Via Santa Fe’s plush Super Chief, with its exciting new dome-topped observation lounge, you’ll roll through the Kansas plains; the scenic fairyland of Arizona; through New Mexico, rich with Indian lore; and through the rolling desert into sunny California. For Santa Fe information, write to R. T. Anderson, General Passenger Traffic Manager, Santa Fe System Lines, Chicago 4, Illinois.

GOING GREYHOUND, on its luxurious Super Coach, you get a thrilling close-up of the glorious western scenery . . . through interesting parts of Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico. If you go by bus, you can arrange beforehand for stopovers and side trips, and, in addition, the Greyhound travel bureaus, located at terminals in all big cities, will plan a personal package tour for you, with hotel reservations, sightseeing and costs all arranged in advance. For Greyhound information, write to Greyhound Information Center, 105 West Madison Street, Chicago 2, Illinois.

WHEN YOU reach Hollywood, take off your hat, put on your smile and call filmtown home! The minute you step out into the warm sunshine, you’ll realize it’s the city of big hearts and hospitality as well as glamour and beauty. It’s everything you ever dreamed, and more! Yes, movie stars everywhere (you’ll see them in restaurants, hotels, night clubs and even ice cream parlors!) . . . the great movie studios and broadcasting stations. You’ll see excitingly beautiful homes and gardens, tropical tree-lined streets . . . beautiful suburbs where the stars live . . . exotic orange groves. You can see and do erayelian and do it on a limited budget which we’re keeping strictly in mind.

VISIT THE HOLLYWOOD BOWL, of the fabulous architecture and acoustics, where you can hear symphonies under the stars. Don’t miss Hollywood’s beautiful stores and the Farmers’ Market, with its. unbelievable collection of food and fantasy; lunch at any of the four Brown Derby restaurants (the one at 3377 Wilshire Boulevard is the celebrity hangout); stroll through Olvera Street, with its Mexican handicraft shops; tour new China Town and see colorful Singapore Spa with its gorgeous Chinese decor. Don’t miss Grauman’s Chinese Theater with its celebrity footprints in the cement forecourt. Have cocktails at Ciro’s and dine and dance at Mocambo. As if even their names weren’t exciting enough, these spots are loaded with atmosphere, great names, food that’s practically ambrosia. You’ll get more than your fair share of glamour!

YOU’LL STAY, probably, at one of the many fine hotels in the city that are convenient, delightful and inexpensive. Many are complete with pools, shops and restaurants, at prices ranging from about eight dollars to about ten dollars a day for two: the Ambassador, very centrally located; the Hollywood Hotel, the Plaza, the Miramar, and the Beverly Wilshire, in the heart of Beverly Hills, near famous Romanoff’s.

FROM HOLLYWOOD, you can easily and inexpensively take in the fabulous places near-by. It’s a day’s drive through Beverly Hills, Bel-Air, Malibu, Santa Monica, the San Fernando Valley or Red Rock Canyon in the desert. It’s overnight to the Monterey Peninsula; about one hundred miles of beautiful driving to celebrated San Juan Capistrano; a morning’s drive to Palm Springs; and just a two-hour sail to tropic Catalina Island, where you will view deep-sea life from the famous glass-bottom boats.

PLAN YOUR VACATION ahead! It’s important if you want to cram every minute of your stay to the brim. Write to the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce for interesting, informative literature and lists of hotels and restaurants; to the All-Year. Club Free Visitors’ Bureau, 517 West Sixth Street, Los Angeles, to get your free copy of a Los Angeles street map and a copy of “Here’s Glamourland.”

HAPPY HOLIDAY! See you in Hollywood!


It is a quote. PHOTOPLAY MAGAZINE MAY 1953

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