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    John Wayne—Big Man! . . . Big Life! . . . Big Love!

    You don’t catch John Wayne’s family singing the “location blues” when he’s off making a picture—whether it be “Donovan’s Reef” or his forthcoming “McLintock!” For where he goes they go, and love it—as witness his wife Pilar playing with their baby, John Ethan. But nobody...

    The Girl Elvis Presley Tries To Hide

    Nancy Sharp seems to be the girl in Elvis Presley’s life at this moment. She and Elvis first met when he was making “Flaming Star” at 20th Century-Fox and she was a wardrobe mistress. Elvis was attentive, but if there were any outward indications of...

    Why Daddy Is His Biggest Problem!

    His name is John J. Kennedy, Jr. His daddy calls him “John-John.” He’s a little boy—he’ll be three, come November. His daddy also happens to be President of the United States. One would expect him to be a most happy little boy. Yet, as many...

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