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You Read It First In Vintage Paparazzi

Natalie Wood washed Warren Beatty out of her hair, but apparently can't keep him out of her mind. They say Arthur Loew, Jr., has proposed to Nat so many times that his knees have blisters. Just when Natalie is about to consent, Warren pops into town, and Nat...

I Worked . . . And God Rewarded Me—Don Murray

On the rough bunk in the tiny room, scarcely bigger than a large closet, Don Murray lay staring at the cracks in the ceiling, watching as the pale light of the cold winter dawn revealed them in all their sharp ugliness. Another day. The day before...

When’s The Marriage?—Glenn Ford & Hope Lange

Glenn Ford and Hope Lange were sitting at a booth along the wall of Chasen’s restaurant in Beverly Hills. It was crowded even for a Saturday night, but, luckily, Glenn had remembered to telephone in advance for reservations for two. They made a quiet, reserved...

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