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    Lucille Ball: “I Just Couldn’t Take Any More”

    Lucille Ball cleared her throat and said. “I’m filing tor divorce from Desi.” Instantly the assembled faces assumed expressions of shock. At this, Lucille smiled, slightly, and shook her head. “This is no surprise to anyone,” she said. “Every columnist in the country has hinted...

    Why Lana Turner Let Them Put Her Daughter Away?

    A sudden ray of sunlight streamed through the tall, high windows of the Santa Monica courtroom and down into the shadowed center, just catching the highlights of Lana Turner’s blond hair as she sat, her head bent low, listening to the probation officer. There was...

    This Is A Secret That Can Only Be Whispered—Roger Smith

    Roger Smith has lied, carried on, deceived his wife and confused his children almost every day of his working life. And they know it. “Roger, it’s seven-fifteen,” Vici will say, as soon as she wakes up in the morning, nudging her sleeping spouse. And still sound...

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