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    May and December Couples: When fifty-three-year- old Bing Crosby married twenty-four-year-old Kathy Grant, the difference in their ages raised a lot of eyebrow-lifting in the world’s press. And yet, based on the past record of other couples who have lived happily ever after, in spite of...

    Glamour Gab Of Hollywood

    Why Gene Tierney can’t come back to Hollywood . . . The Walter Wangers say farewell to a house . . . Natalie Wood and Nick Adams begin to look serious...

    Gentlemen Marry Brunettes—Jane Russell and Jeanne Crain

    How do you like your heroines? Blond? Brunette? Jane Russell and Jeanne Crain give you a dazzling choice in “Gentlemen Marry Brunettes.” They play a dark-haired sister act—but in a flashback to the gay Twenties both go platinum-topped, Jane as her own mother, Jeanne as...