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    Sandra Dee: “Nobody Ever Carries My Books To School . . .”

    There are forty chairs in my class,” said Sandra Dee, looking around he little white bungalow where she goes to high school.  “—And she’s the most popular best looking, most intelligent, best dressed, most talented and best-all-around girl in her class,” added her teacher, Mrs. Gladys...

    That’s Hollywood For You

    I was in a huddle with Sandra Dee just before she appeared on Steve Allen’s TV program to accept her Photoplay Gold Medal Award. Suddenly, Sandra got up from her chair backstage and said, “Excuse me. I have to walk around. I’m nervous.” “Why?” I...

    That’s Hollywood For You

    I’m aware Elvis Presley is a judo expert, but I didn’t realize until now this subject is his opening dialogue with a girl. . . . Bet Tony Curtis never thought he’d be a Roman gladiator. . . . Tuesday Weld is still on her...

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