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Look what’ s happening to the sweater, girls!


Now it’s a dress, a blouse, an evening top or even a coat! A dress-up specialty of interesting textures and blends, the sweater has arrived as an important figure in fashion—and no matter what shape it takes, it’s here to stay. On these and the following pages you see a variety of knits for all occasions and hours. Most are packable, many are washable, and all are wearable and smart. Add an important jewel, a little fur collar or a good leather belt and you have a wardrobe for any hour of the day or night. Knits are a good investment. Have one! Have them all! All at popular. Prices!

Beauteous Grace Kelly, next in “Dial M for Murder,” wears a wool-knit sheath by Goldworm. $29.95. Schleisner’s, Baltimore, Md. Navy, ginger white, black. Sizes 10-18. Mademoiselle avocado pumps. Lord & Taylor. $14.95. All jewelry by Sperry at The Broadway, Los Angeles

Rated for the longest life in your wardrobe—a perfectly matched sweater and skirt by Jane Irwill. Lovely Vanessa Brown, starring on Broadway in “The Seven Year Itch,” selects hers in fern green. Botany wool and flapnel. Top $6. 34-40. Skirt $11. 10-18. Goldsmith’s, Memphis

Ann Miller, now in “Kiss Me Kate,” wears casual jersey skirt and cardigan with a co-ordinated cotton print shirt. All by Majestic Specialties. Jacket, skirt $10.95 each. Greige, avocado green, blue, red, black, navy. Shirt $5.95, beige print. At Macy’s, San. Francisco. Jewelry by Capri

Elasticized cotton—newest sensation in sweater tops! It g-i-v-e-s and s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-s to fit your figure, is just as lovely with skirts as with these handsome natural gabardine Bermuda shorts worn here by Geraldine Brooks of TV fame. Man-tailored with self-belt and fly front. We’ve added a belt ‘by Calderon, jewelry by Capri. Top by Beldoch Popper. $3.95. At Russeks, N. Y. Shorts by Peter Pan. Sizes 9-15, 10-20, $5.95. At Woodward & Lothrop, Washington, D. C.

It shapes to you as it does to beauteous Martha Hyer, for it’s Sea Nymph’s new woven wool and lastex glamour suit with a special inner bra that molds the figure and stays put with or without the benefit of the trim, narrow straps! What’s more, it dries in a jiffy, is flattering for sunning as well as practical for swimming. Your choice of grey, black, white or navy in sizes 32 to 38. $14.95. At Arnold Constable, New York. Martha will be next in United Artists’ “Riders to the Stars”

1- A striped cotton cardigan to wear now with skirts, later with play clothes. White with black, pink or powder blue. By Smartee. $3.98. Sizes s-m-l. May Co., Los Angeles, Cal., Wanamaker’s, Philadelphia, Pa.

2- Perfect year-round jacket. Its the new hip length with two utility patch pockets and wide self-cuffs. White, navy or red popcorn stitched wool-knit. Sizes 3440. By Select Sportswear. $17.95. Stern’s, New York

3- This short-sleeved cardigan is made of vicara and nylon and washes like a dream! It has a Peter Pan collar, comes in white, blue, pink, maize, navy. Sizes 3440. By Gotham Sportswear. $5.95. Bloomingdale’s, N. Y.

4- Here’s a scoop-neck camisole that can be worn tucked inside or out. It’s a ribbed cotton sierra knit, sold in oyster white trimmed with navy, pink or green. $2.95. Sizes s-m-l. By Jantzen, at Burdines, Miami, Fla.



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