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your place in the sun


Playtime separates: A halter weskit with bare back and button-down front. With it, a pair of clamdiggers with wonderful hip pockets. Woven denim and chambray stripe, gray, blue, yellow, all with white stripe. Sizes 10-20, each $3.95 by White Stag at Altman’s, New York, N. Y.; Lipman, Wolfe, Portland, Ore. Westport’s denim shoes

Above, a playsuit with a triple personality. Wear the bra top, brief shorts (both lined) in swimming or on the beach. Saunter off in the matching jacket, which also can be worn over summer cottons. By Modern Aire of Hollywood, suit comes in sizes 10-18, jacket in small, medium, large. Each $8.95 in white, aqua or yellow pin point pique by Fluegelman at Miller Bros., Chattanooga, Tenn.

On the sunny side, the floral print sunback dress, above, with brief bolero, eyelet-trimmed bodice top, black shoestring straps and tie belt. In crepe pique by Betty Barclay, white ground with green, maize or lilac print. $8.95, sizes 9-15 at The Fair, Chicago, Ill., and Strawbridge & Clothier, Phila., Pa.; Coro jewelry

Shine in the sunback dress, above, with the new halter neckline, all-around tiny unpressed A pleats. Brief bolero has border of contrasting color. By Minx Modes in white pique with navy and red or brown and jade trim. Sizes 7-15, $14.95 at Lamson Bros., Toledo, O., and Wm. H. Block, Indianapolis, Ind.

to see and be seen


A must for the miss on vacation—a crease-resistant rayon summer suit that stays fresh as a daisy no matter how much you wear it or how long it stays packed. Note its soft, neutral, color that can be accessorized to suit the occasion. Large pockets lie snugly against the fitted lines of the jacket. In Celanese Shrewsbury by Rosenblum of California, it comes in pastel and vivid colors, sizes 10 to 20 petite. $29.95 at Woolf Bros., Kansas City, Mo. and May Co., Los Angeles, Cal. Handbag by Emmet, Marvella pearls. Pique hat by Colby.

date dreams


For exciting evenings anywhere—a crisp organdy dress with chalk-white accents. Wide bertha collar covers the briefest of sleeves. Edging into the glamour line—a dainty border of white embroidery. By Carole King in black, royal, red or green with white. Sizes 9 to 15, $14.95 at Scruggs-Vandervoort-Barney, St. Louis, Mo.; and White House, Tucson, Ariz. Deltah Pearls

For after-five flair, an organdy print with separate jacket. Bare your shoulders for dancing and show the pin-tucked bodice, full flaring skirt, satin sash. Cover-up jacket has banded waist, brief sleeve, tucked collar. By Doris Dodson in monotone print organdy in blue, aqua, coral or gold. Sizes 9 to 15, $17.95 at the Bedell Store, Portland, Ore.; Stix, Baer & Fuller. Si. Louis, Mo.

Photoplay’s pattern of the month


Something to create in your spare time—a pert little one-piece playsuit, so new with its halter neckline, stand-up collar and cuffed shorts.

The button-down front makes it easy to get into. For cover-up purposes, we’ve added a brief little bolero with flaring back.

Make it in Wesley Simpson’s double dot pattern, pick up the color of the dot for the collar facing and bolero



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