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Intriguing strapless dress, above, with smart detachable stole. Eye-catching fabric is gleaming polished cotton. By Jonathan Logan, 9-15, in wide variety of exotic colors. An unbelievable $17.95 at Best & Co., New : York, N. Y., Stewart’s, Baltimore, Md., H. P. Wasson, Indianapolis, Ind. Marvella pin, Capezio shoes. Worn by lovely Barbara Lawrence of RKO’s “Two Tickets to Broadway”

Dramatic dark plaid dress, above, with matching stole, can be worn strapless or with halter shoestring tie. Skirt is full, with unpressed pleats. By Koret of California, 10-18, in red or navy ground-tissue sheer plaid. Around $14.95 at Saks-34th, New York, N. Y., J. L. Brandeis, Omaha, Neb.

Personality in plaid is dreamy tissue sheer gingham sunback dress, above. Elasticized bodice, with removable straps, tapers gracefully into full skirt. For added effect, a matching stole. By McKettrick, 10-18, in brown, green, or navy with white. Around $14.95 at Kresge Newark, Newark, N. J., Jordan Marsh, Boston, Mass. These dresses worn by Margaret Sheridan of RKO’s “The Thing”

Checkmate a summer skirt with a woven cotton T-shirt. Neckline ends in flattering V both back and front. Ribbed waistband can be worn in or out. By Peggy Parker in navy, red, green with white, small, medium or large. Around $2.25 at Lit Bros., Philadelphia, Pa. Pert pique hat by Dani

Three ways to enjoy Summer—T-shirts go glamorous


Something new has been added—to T-shirts. A lacy weave cotton that can be worn demurely buttoned up in front, prettily plunged or as a cardigan over a plain dress. By Helen Harper, it comes in white with navy, red, green or brown; small, medium or large. Around $2.98 at Crowley Milner, Detroit, Mich., and Woodward & Lothrop, Washington, D. C.

Light as a sea breeze is the terry cloth T-shirt, with its nautical striped jersey bib front. By Jane Irwill, in white with navy or red trim, small, medium, large. Around $3.50. Gloves by Grandoe. To keep your curls in place, Debway’s perky Jockey cap

Photoplay’s Pattern of the month


Ella Raines in the original dress designed by Adele Palmer for her to wear in Republic’s “Fighting Coast Guard”

Patterned for a perfect evening is the dress worn by Ella Raines. Designed to show off your best figure lines, its graceful neckline is draped over a fitted bra top. Eight-gored skirt has center seam and inset on each side of front and back for fullness, giving a pleat effect. To match the gleam in his eye, make it in Fuller’s “Spotlight”—a cotton satin that comes in twenty-five exciting colors.

For summer eves


Charm him in this permanent finished sheer cotton with its brief sleeves, soft skirt with unpressed pleats in front. A detachable collar of velvet frames the pretty neckline; with matching velvet belt. By June Patton, 10-20, in black, brown, green, red. Around $14.95. Cotton shorties by Grandoe. Brilliant necklace by Coro



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