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    “East Of Eden”

    “East of Eden” is one of the most wonderful stories ever filmed. It is beautifully acted. It is beautifully photographed. It merits all the superlatives one has come to attach to a fine motion picture.

    Director Elia Kazan, in our opinion, has heightened the intensity of Steinbeck’s fine story, East of Eden, by ignoring name stars in favor of players who are relatively unknown to motion-picture audiences. James Dean, who plays one of the twins, Cal, is from TV and the stage. His portrayal is likely to make him an Academy Award contender.

    Richard Davalos, the other twin, has never had his name on a motion-picture theatre marquee before. Stage personalities Julie Harris, the girl Abra whose vital force finally brings father and son together, and Raymond Massey, the father, bring fresh acting techniques to the screen. All these performances put together make “East of Eden” fairly scream authenticity.

    Darken your television screen, take along a handkerchief—your emotions will be deeply touched—and let your favorite motion-picture theatre bring you the kind of entertainment that can make you happy you’re a moviegoer.



    It is a quote. PHOTOPLAY MAGAZINE MAY 1955

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