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Don’t be surprised if Glenn Ford and Eleanor Powell marry again. Apparently Glenn’s decided the Hollywood social swim isn’t his cup of tea. . . . Or is he just a bit tired of dodging all those lovelies who were chasing him? Funny, isn’t it, that the minute Hope Lange got around to divorcing Don Murray, Glenn’s dates with her stopped and he began giving his ex-wife the rush. He sends her flowers (five dozen at a time) and telegrams. So far, Ellie’s untouched by it all, but I think she’ll weaken because their son, Peter, is all for a reconciliation.

Juliet Prowse and Eddie Goldstone announced their engagement at P.J.’s. I understand Frank Sinatra gave them his blessing. The reason Frankie was so gallant is because he’s got a new crush on Ruta Lee. He not only gave her a role in “Soldiers 3” but made her a junior member of his gang. They call her Loudy Lee.

An astrologer around town is predicting Elvis Presley will take that aisle walk in 1962. I don’t put much stock in the stars, but I do know Elvis’ new love is Anne Helm. Anne is probably the sexiest actress in town. Her semi-nude bathing scene in “Desire in the Dust” would make Brigitte Bardot green with envy. Elvis met Anne when they made “What a Wonderful Life” in Florida. He followed her around like a love-sick puppy. They dined every night by candlelight and spent weekends on his boat.

Although rumor says so, it’s highly improbable that “another man” broke up the Natalie Wood-Bob Wagnermarriage. She’s still in love with Bob, but knows it takes more than love to make a marriage. Friends say R.J. has always taken Natalie for granted, and never wanted to accept the responsibility as head of the house-hold. I also hear another reason for the split was that Natalie put her foot down and told Bob he had to choose between her and his new-found friends (Frankie and his clan). Bob’s been toting a torch but finally got Nat to sit down and talk things over. I sincerely doubt that they’ll reconcile.

Here’s a shocker! I’ve heard rumblings that all is not well in the Charlton Heston-Lydia Clarke household. Friends hope they’ll work out their troubles. So do I.

Don’t be too surprised if Edd Byrnes and Asa Maynor don’t merge as announced. The whole thing smacks of publicity. Asa was completely baffled by Kookie’s announcement and phoned him to say her answer was still no. But then, she’s a lady, and ladies do change their minds.

Put on your thinking cap—here’s a puzzler. Rod Cameron married his former mother-in-law Dorothy Alves-Lico. That now makes his ex-wife, Angela Alves-Lico, his stepdaughter. And doesn’t it also make Rod his and Angela’s child’s grandfather? Confusing, isn’t it! But here’s the kicker! Commenting on the marriage, Angela said, “I know they’ll be very happy. Rod always needed someone to mother him.”

Hollywood had a good laugh when Joan Tyler filed a paternity suit against 63-year-old George Jessel. But George isn’t laughing. Joan says she can prove Jessel is the father, but is willing to let bygones be bygones if he marries her. Well, where does that leave actress Marjorie May, the gal Jessel’s proposed to? Just asking??

So far Bob Evans and Sharon Hugueny deny it—but they can’t much longer! Sharon’s expecting in the spring. June Blair and David Nelson have also dated the stork.

Could be that Troy Donahue is getting a case of cold feet. He and Lili Kardell keep postponing their marriage. First it was supposed to be in July—now it’s been pushed up to February. I’ll be surprised if they ever do get hitched!

Marge Chandler is still unable to talk about Jeff without breaking down in tears. I think they would hove re-married if he had lived. Marge wants to try to reactivate her singing career.

Colleen Rodgers keeps saying she and Jimmie have not reconciled, but he’s moved back into the house, and when he left for an eight-week Australian tour, Colleen drove him to the airport.

Lucille Ball and Gary Morton are closer than ever and Desi Arnaz, who still longs for a reconciliation, isn’t one bit happy about Gary’s loving his Lucy. The warm affection folks have for Lucille hasn’t kept some gossips from pointing out that she’s “older” than her new beau. All I can say is that if these feline females spent as much time worrying about themselves as they do about Lucy’s age, they’d probably look as young and pretty as she does.

Bob Conrad wanted to buy Bob and Nat Wagner’s house, but when he heard the price was $175,000 he said no thanks. Smart guy!

Speaking of money, Connie Stevens was a naughty girl. Gary Clarke told her not to, but she took $1,000 to Las Vegas with her and lost it all at the gambling tables. Apparently Connie isn’t waiting around till Gary has enough money to marry her. She’s got more guys than any girl in town—and handsome ones like John Gabriel, Ralph Taeger and Tony Travis. Meantime, it looks as if Gary’s finally given up on Connie. He’s now dating Sherry Jackson.

We hear Mickey and Corlyn Callan’s problems aren’t all solved. Their latest battle was over her wanting to go to Europe with him while he made “Bon Voyage.” P.S. She went!

Also, hear Jane Russell and Bob Waterfield aren’t really as lovey-dovey as folks think. But they have a “workable” solution. When she returns to town, he leaves!

Eyebrows popped to the ceiling when Debbie and Harry Karl strolled into the hospital benefit honoring Liz. Many wondered why the Karls attended. The reason was that they were scheduled to hand over a healthy donation to the hospital fund months before the charity boys decided to make it a night honoring Liz Taylor.Poor Debbie—if she hadn’t gone, tongues would have wagged. She went, and they wagged anyway. I for one am glad she did go. She’s worked long and hard for the hospital and deserved some of the glory that went to Liz.

The spotlight’s on Rock Hudson and Marilyn Maxwell again. Her ex-husband, Jerry Davis, announced Marilyn and Rock would marry this year. Marilyn countered with, “He would like me to get married so he can stop sending me alimony.” But I wonder if Davis isn’t right. When Rock was in South America for “Spiral Road,” he let Marilyn have his Cadillac and she didn’t give any other guys a ride in it.

Keely Smith and Bob Fuller don’t seem to care who knows about their romance. They were very cozy at Ye Little Club one night, and they did a repeat performance at P.J.’s the following night. Maybe it’s for real and maybe it isn’t but a sober-faced Keely told me she planned to marry Fuller in December. There’s only one hitch—Keely hasn’t divorced Louis Prima yet.

Elizabeth Taylor still isn’t a well woman and her pals are mighty worried. She has lost more weight and looked pale and weak when she returned from Russia. She and Eddie Fisher are on a great social kick and you don’t have to be a doctor to see she isn’t getting enough rest. So low down Liz—and forget about the parties! “Cleopatra” is enough activity for one girl!

And here’s some more information on that now-famous same-dress incident starring Liz and Gina Lollobrigida. I hear that though both girls didn’t appear outwardly disturbed at Dior’s duplication, they were seething inside. Liz raised such a hullabaloo with the Paris designer they returned her money—and more to boot. Gina quietly put her gown in mothballs and made a mental note to take her dress-buying business elsewhere.

This is a big year for twins! Roger Smith tells us he and Vicki Shaw are expecting a pair in December. And Shirley Jones and Jack Cassidy are also expecting twins. “They’ll be born by Caesarean,” Shirl says, “and I can pick the day. I could select December 25, but I’m dead set against having a baby on Christmas. The poor things would have to combine birthdays with Santa Claus and that’s not fair.” Shirl may not have the date set, but she’s picked the names Erin and Patrick.

Scooping around: Tommy Sands may have to undergo surgery to correct his throat problem. Doctors have made him cancel all engagements for the next four months . . . Isn’t all that wordage about George Hamiltonbeing wealthy just a publicist’s dream? And haven’t he and Susan Kohner really called it quits?? . . . Kenny Miller is dating Bobby Darin’s ex, Jo-Ann Campbell . . . Aren’t those trips Claudine Longet took to be with Andy Williams the reason she was fired from the Tropicana’s chorus line? And isn’t Andy, who was once ever-so-eager to fly to France to meet her parents, now finding more and more reasons why he can’t go? . . . Debra Paget and Budd Boetticher have had it . . . Diane Jergens still hasn’t picked up the final divorce papers from Peter Brown . . . Talk of London is the romance between Peggy Lee and Jimmy Van Huesen . . . Sal Mineo has decided Jill Haworth is too young for him. He’s now dating actresses his own age.

Mort Sahl had a ball during his trip to London. And wasn’t he the real reason for the Warren Beatty-Joan Collins split-up? Or did Joan get tired of being dangled? At any rate, Mort and Joan seem altar bound.

Looks like Bobby Darin is in the doghouse at U-l. The studio is fit to be tied because Bobby made Sandra Dee cancel a tour for “Tammy, Tell Me True.” I hear the studio had the trip all planned, reservations all made, etc., etc when Sandy phoned to say she was staying home with her husband.

It’s just a matter of time before Judy Garland and Sid Luft announce what everyone knows—the marriage is over. She rented a place next to President Kennedy’s in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts, while Sid remained in Hollywood. When she was hospitalized for a kidney infection, Sid didn’t fly East to be with her.

Lana Turner and Fred May flew to Hartford, Connecticut to be with Cheryl Crane on her eighteenth birthday. It wasn’t much of a celebration, the doctors in the mental clinic wouldn’t let them see Cheryl for more than a few moments. Now that Cheryl is no longer a minor in the eyes of the law, she’ll have to stand trial as an adult should she be unlucky enough to find herself in any more trouble. Sorry to report, too, that another star’s offspring has had trouble. Rhonda Fleming’s young son got mixed up with the wrong people, and is now on probation. Rhonda has other troubles, too. When she returned from the East without husband Lang Jeffries,separation rumors started all over again.

The Marilyn Monroe-Joe DiMaggio togetherness bit continues—in and out of hospitals. Bets are high on a second merger but both MM and Joe say they’re just “good friends.” Hmm, that’s what they said before they were wed the first time.

Everyone hopes the rumors about Patti and Jerry Lewis are false. One report said they didn’t speak to each other the whole time Jerry was making “Errand Boy.”

It’s been hospital month in Hollywood. Sammy Davis was rushed in for tests, Tuesday Weld underwent a tonsilectomy and Joanie Sommers was bedded down with stomach ulcers. Luckily they all had a speedy recovery.

All those cynics who insisted the Hugh O’Brian-Soraya romance was just for press space must be mighty ashamed. They really are in love and want to marry—but it isn’t that easy when you’re an ex-queen. Many important people, including the Shah of Iran, are reportedly against the merger. Soraya doesn’t want to hurt any one or jeopardize her father’s position in the Iranian government. It’s a tough decision for a girl to make. We hope true love conquers all and that the ex-queen becomes Mrs. Hugh O’Brian of Hollywood, U.S.A.

The inside: Diana Dors and hubby Dickie Dawson are having troubles . . . Wouldn’t Ann-Margret love it if Gardner McKay forgot all about Delores Hawkins? . . . Is Anna Kashfi’s sudden interest in baseball all because of a guy named Leo Durocher? . . . The feud between Barbara Luna and Doug McClure’s ex-wife Fay has ended. Now they even go to the same hair stylist . . . Barrie Chase and Gunnar Helstrom could tie the knot any moment . . . John Wayne didn’t make any friends while filming “Comancheros.” Big Duke was so on edge (wife problems, maybe?) that he chewed out a publicist in four-letter language in front of a group of visitors, including children. A formal protest was made to the publicist guild and Duke had to apologize . . . Marlon Brando’s antics in Tahiti got him in hot water again. I hear he came down with a tropical disease as a result of high living . . . Janis Page and Ray Gilbert will merge as soon as his divorce is final in 1962 . . . Elvis Presley gave Colonel Parker a boat for his birthday. The Colonel christened the craft Gladys in honor of Elvis’ mom . . . Tuesday Weld wants a three-month vacation. For a honeymoon with Gary Lockwood??? . . . Luana Patten really meant it when she said she was giving up her career . . . Aren’t Doris Day and Cary Grantfussin’ and feudin’ on the “Touch of Mink” set? And isn’t the reason all those “suggestions” made by Grant’s pal, photographer Milton Greene?




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