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Nimble Debbie Reynolds (of M-G-M’s “Affairs of Dobie Gillis”) kicks her heels in ideal weekend outfit, six-piecer by Ike Clark of Dallas, in fire-red and polka-dot sudsable rayon-linen. 8-18. Jacket, blouse, skirt, each under $8; shorts, tank top, hat, each under $6. Red Cross shoes. Kayser gloves. Lujean bag

Doll-like Debbie, as lively as a circus herself, glides through the air with the greatest of ease in the Foursome, package-wardrobe by Koret of California, a scene-stealer any time of day or night. 10-18, about $25, including matching patent belt. Scramble-print pique in red or black on white for skirt and shorts, and in the reverse for blouse and camisole

Bright new star Maggie McNamara (see her in U-A’s “The Moon is Blue”) loves fun and sun too, gets both in clever red and white striped terry coat-dress for street or beach, Teena Paige, 7-15, under $15; gives it city airs with Kayser gloves.

Just to prove fashion is more fun than it is spinach (and just as sensible!) Maggie shows town-or-tan versatility of Loomtogs’ two-piecer, 10-16, 9-15. Gay as her mood on swing, a grown-up green cotton romper suit, under $6. Green, white Polynesian-print skirt gives city look. Under $8. Lujean bag. Ray-Ban sunglasses. All jewelry, Bergere

Dream come true! Fast as a movie switches scenes you can look as dreamy as Maggie does and change like magic into precious play outfit. Take your cue! Wear her Petti separates: a ruffled white Ever-glaze cotton blouse, on or off shoulder, under $5; ruffly, flower-printed skirt, under $9; real and rugged Levi shorts, under $3. All, 9-15. Polka-dotted cotton scarf, Buchner. Straw box bag by Jana

Dark-eyed Phyllis is right on top of the world in a foursome by Juniorite that’s all things to any girl’s summer! In Sea-Blue denim. trimmed with chalky white ric-rac, 9-15. Phyllis loves slim-jim, tapered pedal pushers. Buttoned at calf, under $4; the wide-swinging skirt. under $6; denim-trimmed white T-shirt, under $2; and that last touch, a smart little denim cloche. about $1.59. Kayser nylovent gloves. Red calf ankle strap sandals by Velvet Step. Lujean bag

Phyllis Kirk, light-hearted and lovely as any circus ballerina, says fashion should be fun—and stunning! Proving a point, she does an excited whirl in dressed-up version of McArthur black, white woven-check gingham weekender, 10-18, under $18, which comes with its own black patent belt. Jauntee hat, Jana bag, Kayser gloves. Dropping trim, town-look with the skirt, she poses above in fun-and-sun version, a one-piece playsuit with black pique shorts. Neckline’s convertible, and suit fastens snugly with jet shoe buttons to below waist. Bergere chalk earrings. She’s in Warners’ “The City Is Dark?”

Phyllis pleads, “Tell them, please, that I don’t really talk to horses!” But that champagne personality fizzes when she gets into a lively Helen Harper outfit, to greet a carousel nag and swing on a circus rope. Her charcoal denim separates, dotted with white flocking. Pedal pushers, with cotton knit insert at calf for snug fit, under $4; white cotton T-blouse trimmed with denim, under $2; gored skirt, under $5; knit-trimmed box jacket, under $4. 10-16.



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