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Hollywood stars know the first secret of good dressing is to have clothes fit perfectly. For excessive alterations can spoil the very lines for which you chose a dress in the first place. With so many fashions designed and cut for just your figure type, why take a tuck—why not get exactly the right size? Find your size classification, highlight your best points and be on your way to being really well dressed

Nancy Davis, of M-G-M’s “It’s a Big Country,” models a flattering coat dress that’s perfect for the half-size, shorter-waisted figure. In silk-faced rayon shantung, it has a tiny, stand-up collar. By Rite-Fit, 14¼ – 22½, in navy, peacock, red, gray. Around $9.00 at Wanamaker’s, New York, N. Y.; Marshall Field, Chicago, Ill.

Alexis Smith, of Paramount’s “This Is Dynamite,” models a rayon ottoman jacket dress proportioned to fit three heights—short, medium and tall. In vibrant blue—a tonic for any wardrobe—or red, gray, champagne, black. 12-20, sized to height. $17.95 by Murray White at Crowley’s, Detroit, Mich.; Woodward & Lothrop, Washington, D.C. Kislav gloves, Kramer pin

Petite Debbie Reynolds of M-G-M’s “Singing in the Rain” is at her perky best in a style designed for the girl 55 and under. Cute and young looking, this charming coat dress opens its shiny buttons to reveal the separate plaid petticoat. By Annetta, in black cotton only, 10-20 petite. $14.95 at Abraham & Straus, Brooklyn, N. Y., Maison Blanche, New Orleans, La.

Jan Sterling, of Paramount’s “Military Policeman” reveals the sophisticated charm of a dress designed for the girl who is 5 8 or over. High-rising midriff minimizes the line from shoulder to waist. For glitter effect, a single rhinestone button on the bodice. For a finishing touch, a separate bolero jacket. In rustling paper-finish taffeta shantung, 10-20 tall. By Betty Briggs, in gray, under $25.00 at Lane Bryant, New York, N. Y., Jordan Marsh, Boston, Mass.

Elegance in soft crepe—a dress to dream about—and make. Flattering to any figure, it can be made with or without the graceful side drape. Intriguing shutter neckline gives a bolero effect when worn open, as at left—is perfect for dressy occasions. Or, with the neckline worn high, as above, it becomes that all-important basic dress. For dramatic effect, Teitelbaum’s black fox muff, Marvella jewelry by Michael Paul



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