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    That’s Hollywood For You

    I believe Natalie Wood is good for Bob Wagner and vice versa . . . More actors than actresses try to hide the fact that they wear glasses . . . Why do I usually play a Frank Sinatra album after looking at one of...

    Why Lana Turner Let Them Put Her Daughter Away?

    A sudden ray of sunlight streamed through the tall, high windows of the Santa Monica courtroom and down into the shadowed center, just catching the highlights of Lana Turner’s blond hair as she sat, her head bent low, listening to the probation officer. There was...

    That’s Hollywood For You

    I understand Rock Hudson liked the play, “Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?”—but not enough to say, “You can use my full name in the title.” Shirley Jones looks as if she was invented for Rodgers and Hammerstein musicals. . . . Whenever I see Debbie...