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Martha Vickers, who started her career as a model, keeps her beautiful figure by walking at least a mile a day. She wants to continue being “bad”—on the screen. You’ll see her in

“Prelude to Night,” a Producing Artists picture.

Give your suits an exciting new touch with this delicious sweater whipped up by Catalina in smart cable stitching. Also comes in pink, maize or baby blue. Sizes 34-40. $7.00 at Gimbels, New York, N. Y., and Broadway Dept. Store, Inc., Los Angeles, Cal.

Duet for 1948


A dress by Henry Rosenfeld with the new lines; right to wear this minute. Perfect foil for accessories in bright and dark shades. Sizes 7—15, $22.95. At A. Harris & Co., Dallas, Texas, and Woodward & Lothrop, Washington, D. C.

Mouton coat of the year by Feshbach & Ackerman. Fashion right is the small collar and full cuffed sleeves. Sizes 10—20 or 11—17. $159.00 (tax not. included) at Lipman Wolfe & Co., Portland, Ore., and Macy’s, New York, N. Y.



This gay topper, worn with a jaunty air by Ella Raines in. Universal-International’s “The Senator Was Indiscreet,” is the kind of a coat that is right over suits or over your lightest summer dress. Make it in Forstmann’s Duvana, Charmona, or Jerseen depending on the weight you want. All these fabrics come in Forstmann’s new Holiday Colors which range from pale pastel to light bright shades.

Two for the show”


A pull-over and matching cardigan designed by Spuncraft that has terrific eye appeal plus the long lean lines you love. Comes in other high shade combinations. Sizes. 34-40. Pull-over about $6.00. Cardigan about $8.00. At Famous-Barr Co., St. Louis, Mo., and The May Co., Cleveland, O.



Grace Houston, the attractive green-eyed designer for Universal-International stars, learned how to create costumes for the theater when she began her career as a dancer. She hung around backstage, after the show was over, and discussed the good and bad points of costuming with the wardrobe mistress, electricians, or anyone who had to remain after the performance. And before long she was costuming stage productions herself, so that by the time Hollywood lured her she had thirty-two stage shows to her credit.

Grace was born in New Bedford, Mass., but her family moved to Brooklyn when she was five. She started dancing when she was eight and, at one point in her career, was a Rockette in the precision line of beauties at Radio City Music Hall.

“On the stage,” Grace observed, “you design clothes to be viewed from about the fifth row and on back. In pictures, a close-up may magnify so that it will reveal even the stitching. Therefore more attention to detail must go into film clothes. Hats are one of the most difficult things to design for a picture because they must fit into any camera angle the director desires and still show the star’s face.”

Miss Houston likes to create her modern clothes from period designs. She definitely prefers the new long skirts to the knee-length styles. “You can do more things in fashions with a long skirt because there’s more material to work with,” she says.

She has a Persian cat named Natasha. She adores reading, she loves music, especially the piano which she plays magnificently. And she believes that one of the most important qualities a woman can have is good taste in clothes. The manner of good taste is exemplified in the coat she designed for Ella Raines to wear in “The Senator Was Indiscreet,” our Photoplay pattern for this month. It’s versatile and wearable and in perfect taste.



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