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“The Hardest Thing In Life Is To Make Love Well”

In a recent interview, European actress Romy Schneider said, “The hardest thing in life is to make love well.” We decided to ask several Hollywood stars whether or not they agreed with her . . . and why. For their provocative answers, click on the...

Ann-Margret’s Life Story!

Last month, Part 1 of Ann-Margret’s life story described how she and her parents left their native Sweden and came to live in Illinois. In Wilmette, a high school teacher told Ann-Margret, “I predict Hollywood for you” A short time later his prediction came true....

Ann-Margret’s Life Story!

Ann-Margret Olson—twenty-one, five-feet-four, green-eyed, with that long silken brown hair of hers, pretty as they come, more talented than they usually come, definitely headed for the Big Time—is no exception to the rule....

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