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Party Of The Month: Would you pay $1000 to hear John Wayne and Guy Madison duet “Red River Valley”? Or a sizable sum to hear Tony Curtis play the flute? Well, guests at the Share Inc. party did, and applauded wildly when Mexican star Cantinflas donated $10.000 not to sing “Granada.” All for sweet charity’s sake. The popular Moulin Rouge became the old Trading Post all over again, with guests appearing in western riggings. Frank Sinatra as a Heap Big Indian chose to start an argument with Big Sheriff John Wayne and a moment later became involved in a parking lot brawl. Sammy Davis Jr. showed up in the uniform of a Confederate general and Dean Martin, as usual. was a relaxed master of ceremonies. Debbie Reynolds, with best beau Harry Karl, looked cute as a bug in her snug Western breeches. and Lucille Ball happy as a lark with her date, songwriter Jimmy Van Heusen. To me, Yves Montand looked like a passenger on a wagon train.

Set News: Doris Day was trembling with emotion when they lowered a supposedly trapped elevator on the “Midnight Lace” set. From the sidelines, I had watched them raise the elevator to its trapped position and shuddered along with Doris when villain John Gavin attempted to get at her though the ear roof. What a scene! A nightmare, really, as Doris’ screams rang out in what seemed like genuine terror. Now that I think of it, I’m not sure I didn’t scream along with her. Incidentally, I wonder if those people who make a to-do over no more posed pictures of Doris and her son. Dennis, ever realize Dennis may prefer it that way? After all, a college lad in his teens must want some identification of his own.

Scrambled Love: “It’s simply not true,” Tuesday Weld told me when I mentioned her rumored romance with Elvis Presley. “And neither is it true my mother lashed out at Elvis for bringing me home late on a date.” Over in London it grows even more mysterious. “I was never alone with Tuesday in my life.” says John Ireland, who wooed the teenage blonde some months ago. “In fact, I have already chosen my next bride. the ex-Mrs. George Cameron.” Now try to figure that one out. . . . David Hedison dates Maria Cooper in Hollywood. But his long-distance telephone calls go to Lupa Bodine in Rome. They met when Lupa played a role in “The Lost World” with David. . . . And handsome Gardner McKay has settled on the Oriental beauty Greta Chi as his steady date. In fact. Greta crews for Gardner on his 18-foot outrigger boat and greater love hath no woman. Especially when the sea is choppy. . . . It was really laughable the way several Hollywood starlets just happened to find themselves in Reno while Efrem Zimbalist was there preparing to divorce his wife. Steffi. Efrem paid them no mind. you can be sure. The Zimbalist mind is on actress Kip Hamilton, according to all reports. A wonderful actress. this Kip.

Goodbye To All That: It was early summer when Joan Crawford flew to the Coast and for the last time entered the Brentwood house that had been home for thirty-one years. Thirty-one years and what memories they held for this woman who put the “G” in glamor and the “S” in stardom. Here, in this house, she had lived through her first marriage to Douglas Fairbanks Jr. and her second marriage to Franchot Tone. And then Phil Terry and finally to her fourth husband, the late Alfred Steele, before they took off to New York and a new life for Joan, at least. As she strolled through the beautiful rooms and gardens, what memories must have arisen, of famous names and faces, some of whom have long faded, of stormy scenes, of joyous moments and tragic ones! At the end of the day, Joan quietly closed the door for the last time and, meeting with actor Donald O’Connor, signed the papers that made the house his. And so was written another paragraph in the passing of the old regime in Hollywood, of the life, the glamor, the excitement of an era gone forever.

Heartache: “Don’t turn on the radio,” they cautioned ten-year-old Yasmin Khan, daughter of Rita Hayworth and the late Aly Khan, Pakistan’s delegate to the United Nations and a world renowned figure. From the golf course, where Rita and husband Jim Hill received the tragic news of Aly’s accidental death in Paris, they sent the car and driver to pick up Yasmin at her ice skating lesson. “Don’t turn on the car radio,” they warned by telephone, afraid the child would hear the news before Rita could rush home to meet and console the little Princess who adored her father, who had been Rita’s third husband. Only three weeks before, Aly had flown to Hollywood for a short visit with his daughter and three days before his death, he’d telephoned Yasmin from Paris, full of plans for their summer together. What a tragedy and what a heartache for the child who openly preferred the exciting world of her father to the rather dull life of a movie star’s child in Hollywood.

Here And There: A cat may look at a King. And Kool Kat Elvis Presley certainly eyed the King and Queen of Nepal during their recent visit here and Royalty eyed Elvis right back on the set of “GI Blues.” In fact, the King asked Elvis for his autograph while the Queen smiled sweetly, her eyes widening slightly at El’s enormous pompadour hairdo. Seems, whatever came off those sideburns, Elvis has piled on top. It’s really something to see. . . . Rex Harrison recaptured every heart during his stay here for “Midnight Lace.” Some years ago, Rex left Hollywood under a cloud when Carol Landis took her own life, reputedly over Rex, who was then married to Lilli Palmer. But his devotion to his late wife, Kay Kendall, whose impending death remained his secret, and his graciousness to one and all while here, completely won over his most ardent knockers. . . . What a surprise to hear that actress Andra Martin filed for divorce from cowboy-actor Ty Hardin charging extreme cruelty.

Young Love: Tommy Sands considers him-self the luckiest fellow in the world with lovely Nancy Sinatra as his promised bride. “I didn’t want anything to happen to our love,” Tommy says, “but I knew if I didn’t ask Nancy to marry me, it could have turned out another Molly Bee episode. And I didn’t want that.” Tommy was remembering back to two summers ago when he and Molly were steady-dating but seldom saw each other. Their careers kept them apart for weeks and sometimes months at a time when Tommy was on tour or Molly Bee was off on a singing job. Although the two were deeply attached, they finally saw it wouldn’t work and called off the romance. “But it wasn’t easy,” Molly told me. “I didn’t sing a note for six months after our breakup.” But with Nancy, who has no career to follow except that of Tommy’s, things will be different. Where Tommy goes, Nancy will be free to follow. Sometimes I think it’s the girl whose only career is home and husband, that’s the happiest after all. . . . Chums are delighted Edd Byrnes is dating Asa Maynor again. Asa is by far one of the nicest girls “Kookie” ever had. I wonder if anything really serious will develop with these two.

New Hope? It’s sad to think about it, but I’m told that just before Virginia Arness attempted to take her life in Hawaii, Big Jim was about to telephone his estranged wife, asking for a reconciliation. “Let’s try again, Virginia,” he’d planned to say when the distressing headlines broke, shattering plans for a more mature, unemotional second chance at marriage. But, today, Virginia Arness has found new contentment in doing for others who need it at Long Beach Veterans Hospital.

Goodbyes: They met face to face at an actors’ meeting. Diane Jergens and her estranged husband Peter Brown. For one long moment, they looked into each other’s eyes, remembering the tears, the heartaches, the first separation, the reunion and the final parting. Suddenly. Peter reached out a hand and said, “Will you have a drink with me, Diane?” Impulsively, she took the hand he offered. “Yes, Peter. I d love to,” she said. “But, it’s no reunion,” Diane said later. “I’m still going through with the divorce. But with the bitterness gone and I hope forgotten, Peter and I can now become friends.” Which is as it should be. That’s how I feel, anyway. And I do hope that Peter and Diane can each find, in a new love, the happiness they missed together.

Roundup: James Darren telephoned the good news all the way from Europe. He and his bride, Evy Norlund, are expecting a baby-. When their chores in “The Guns Of Navarone” were finally finished, the Darrens hurried right home. . . . The real estate agent eyed the prospective customer with the anonymous name rather curiously. “You are Eddie Fisher, aren’t you?” she smiled. And Eddie, who shopped for a Bel-Air home during a brief visit to the Coast, admitted he was. The Fishers plan to make Hollywood their home base. dividing their time among their other homes in Jamaica, New York and Connecticut. . . . At one time, she was the most fantastically beautiful woman the town had ever seen. But beauty was never enough for Hedy Lamarr whose heart hungered for love and understanding. Today, Hedy seems a most unhappy woman, involved first in a divorce suit from her husband, Howard Lee, and secondly with local accountants. In each case, Hedy refused to make a court appearance, resulting in unpleasant complications. . . . Tab Hunter seems slowly but surely retreating farther and farther from Hollywood and its demands. When Tab moved to the suburban town of Glendale, Hollywood thought it rather curious. But now that Tab is thinking of selling this house, plus his stables, and moving a hundred miles away to Santa Barbara, his friends, even Maria Cooper, are frankly puzzled.

Bits And Pieces: Cary Grant’s courtship of ex-wife Betsy Drake is the talk of London town. Wouldn’t surprise me in the least if these two remarried and lived happily ever after. I hope. . . . From Rome, comes word that Sandra Dee has the natives goggle-eyed in her new Jean Louis wardrobe. Now eighteen and fancy free from lessons and the welfare worker who constantly haunted her sets, Sandra is having a wonderful time making “Romanoff and Juliet.” What a doll ! . Seems little Missy Reynolds is feeling her oats a bit in demanding her first TV Spectacular be almost a solo sort of “Evening With Debbie Reynolds” kind of thing The network felt Debbie should surround herself with guest stars, as do Dinah Shore, Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby. Debbie’s reply to that suggestion was “Whose show is this anyhow?’ And, in the end, Debbie seems to have won her fight. . . A friend who sneaked in on one of the lessons Ricky Nelson is taking from the matador Luis McManus, reports that Ricky could become one of the best young bull fighters. . . . From the soft lights and sweet music of the Coconut Grove to the wide open spaces and a cattle roundup, is a big step but Vic Damone made it with ease. After his last appcarance at the Grove, Vic took off for his Fresno ranch. Vic hardly misses Pier Angeli these days.

From What I Understand: The “Gunsmoke” cast is verb blue over the decision of Dennis Weaver to go it alone next season. The old West will never seem the same without Chester, who has been doing some fine dramatic work both in movies and on TV. . . . From Rome, the Richard Egans and their baby daughter send word that Italy is great but Hollywood looks mighty good from that distance. Richard took his family while making “The Story of Esther.”

Cal York’s Jottings: In Las Vegas, Russ Tamblyn took one look at showgirl Elizabeth KempIon and said, “Didn’t you play in Torn Thumb with me in England?” “Yes,” said Elizabeth and two hours later they were married. The payoff came the following day when Venetia Stevenson telephoned Russ that they were never properly divorced since neither one had bothered to pick up the final decree. Poor Tom Thumb! The payoff now is, I hear the two are spatting already! ! ! ! Friends are keeping their fingers crossed for Pam and Audie Murphy. It looks like a reconciliation coming up for these two. . . . Suzy Parker, in Hollywood with her baby daughter, is finally divorcing the Frenchman she denied having married in the first place. . . . Ava Gardner gathers stares of interest wherever she goes in Hollywood, but like Kim Novak, recovered from her recent illness, Ava doesn’t seem to have any place to go—heartwise, that is. . . . Word from Israel has Joanne Woodward terrified over those threatening letters sent her husband Paul Newman and director Otto Preminger on the set of “Exodus.” Seems the Arabs object to the story theme. . . . Ellen Powell, daughter of Dick Powell and Joan Blondell, married actor Chuck Hayward, with Dick and Joan’s approval. . . . No wonder Dot Malone and Jacques Bergerac beam every time they talk about their little Mimi. She’s a little doll. . . . Talk about British understatement: For a year and a half Sir Cedric Hardwicke has been over here starring in a play while his young wife, Mary Scott, has been in Hollywood. Suddenly he’s notified that she’s planning to divorce him, and what’s his reaction? “Well,” he said, “I’m certainly going to telephone her about this!”

Mailbox Corner: Doug Moore, president of the Sara Hamilton fan club, telephoned the pleasant news the club now has several hundred members from Canada, the States and Mexico. Incidentally, Doug has a new address. It’s 2254 McIntyre, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. . . . Faye Spieler of 730 Willow Ave., Niagara Falls, N. Y., would like an autographed photograph of her favorite actor, Earl Cameron and Lupine Malise of 629 Pine Street, Camden, N. J., yearns ta join a Mario Lanza fan club, if there is one. . . . A big thank you to Barbara Moore of Oakland, Calif., and Dianna Behan of Chicago for their charming letters. I’m happy the Frankie Avalon matter was cleared up to Dianna’s satisfaction.

Brando-isms: It will be a dull world out west if the Brandos, Marlon and Anna, ever reach a lasting agreement. Their recent goings-on in court, where Marlon, once again, fought for visiting rights with his son Chris, had us all agog with Anna hurling the terms, “you slob” and “you criminal” in Marlon’s direction. And Marlon’s claim that Anna hired a man to spy on him, was never completely cleared up. But the climax was reached when Anna, irked at the questioning attorney, fled from the witness stand and out the courtroom door with the judge yelling, “Bring hack that woman.” For all the world like a TV comedy. Anyway, Marlon won his case and can now see his son at the specified times. But if looks could kill, actor Brando would have been a “daid” goner. Come to think of it, I wonder how Perry Mason would have handled the Brandos?

On the Sets: The odd looking, middle aged. Southern belle. rounding the corner of a 20th Century-Fox sound stage, looked strangely familiar. With a shout of laughter, I suddenly knew why, for here was my friend Bing Crosby done up in hoop skirts, pantaloons and blond wig, hurrying from his trailer dressing room to the “High Time” set. I stood by Fabian while Bing went through his scene and later, when Bing coyly lifted his skirts to reveal heavy yellow woolen socks and tan brogues, Fabian all but had a fit. Emoting in two pictures at once, “High Time” and “Co North” with John Wayne, has Fabian in a spin. “I miss Frankie, too,” he sighed. Be-fore young Avalon took off on a night-club tour, the two lads had a great time together. And I spotted Fabe with a new date, Katie Kelley. They make a cute couple. . . . The musical scene in Columbia’s “Pepe” done by Cantinflas and Shirley Jones, two of the picture’s many stars. captures all of the pageantry of a Mexican Fiesta. This picture, to be released in December, should be quite a hit.



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