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Marie McDonald

currently starring in Hunt Stromberg’s “Guest In The House” takes a Ming fling for Spring . . . chooses this Joseph Halpert original with its clean-jutting, side-buttoned mandarin tunic of crisp white cotton and slim tapering black cotton skirt. Daisy chain hat by Sally Victor

Play on Colors

is the theme of the Florence Gainor sun-fun suit Marie McDonald picks. It’s a study in stripes and solids . . . with abbreviated waist and sleeves. High style skirt boasts one important button (instead of a row!). Shorts dovetail into a close-fitting midriff. In Hope Skillman cotton

Come look, look lovely! See how perfectly these beautiful fashions are made for you . . . made to make your summer something special . . . made to make your budget balance, too! First (with whip in hand) a crisp-cool button-down-the-fronter with spun-sugar icing that highlights your arms and charms, lights up your face. Second (with navy in tow), a sugar dandy with clean-cropped lines, a mammoth fake monogram, to give you a forever-well-groomed look. Both in white, maize, blue, aqua, chartreuse or gray spun rayon. 12-20. Each about $9 at 18 top-notch stores.

(left) Frill thrills (inspired by a bareback rider’s skirt), a June Bentley original. It’s frothed with white eyelet; stays wrinkle-free because it’s tebelized for crease-resistance. In rayon and Aralac suiting in pretty pink, yellow, blue or green. 9-15. About $15 at Frederick Nelson, Seattle.

(center) Circus tent stripes to win you hurrahs! They shine in a blaze of glory on this Joanne, Jr. dress of glazed Charbelle balloon cotton. Yellow and gray, blue and brown, red and white or green and white. 9-15. About $15 at Halle Bros., Cleveland.

(right) Clown-dot coin dots put you in the spotlight. Sleek slacks slim you. Slacks are of cavalry twill rayon in white, maize, aqua, dark green, dark blue, brown, navy. 10-18. About $6. Jaunty rayon jersey blouse in white dotted with navy, red or lime; cherry with black. About $6. Both by Koret of California.



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