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Greeting The Season


Get into a party mood with Deborah Kerr. And enter our contest to win he party wardrobe: Judy Nell coat; MacArthur skirt, blouse; Town & Country shoes, bag; Dawnelle gloves.

Christmas Is A Party


Off with the coat, on with the party! Deborah, now in “From Here to Eternity,” shows close-up of- rest of “You-Win-It” outfit. Details, p. 68. MacArthur holiday separates. Fashion Craft belt

Real Mink,” says Joan Tetzel. “And under $35!” Lush-collared Minx Modes dress, pink rayon bro- cade, jewel clip. 9-16. Also brown, strawtone. Joan will be seen in Columbia’s “Hell Below Zero”

Q-o-h, for me?” oohs Anna Maria Alberghetti. For her and all teens, Lorrie Deb formal, 7-15, under $30. Blue, green, red or black velveteen top. White nylon net ruffle trim, double net skirt

Perfect for parties!” says 20th’s gay Carole Matthews. Ankle-length dress by David Klein. Gold lame, scroll-trimmed torso. Skirt, stole, bodice-trim, all of black net. 10-16. Under $40

Surprise package!” winks Carole. Sleek Spanish lace bareback-halter dress has surprise—pleated net flounce. Black over pink with a fabulous big pink rose. By Smart Miss, 10-16, under $35

What a beauty!” says Lisa Ferraday, of shimmering ornament and dress—slim news in gold peau de soi.French-cuffed sleeves have big rhinestone studs. Jerry Greenwald. 7-15, under $40

It’s A Gift!


Check off your Christmas shopping list against the exciting selection of gifts that lovely Janis Carter has chosen for her own holiday-giving:

1. Gift yourself with her at-home outfit by Nelly deGrab, gold-cloth tapered pants, under $18; black velveteen blouse, under $11. Both, 10-16, at stores listed on p. 86.

2. Black velveteen Honeybugs, silver pin a-toe. 4-9, N-M. $3.99 ppd. Gimbel’s, N.Y.

3. Make a bracelet of rhinestone PHOTOPLAY stars clipped to a velvet ribbon. Stars, $2.50 each, postpaid, tax included. From Coro, Inc., 47 West 34 Street, N. Y.

4. Real fox-tail white ruff-collar. Hooks under chin with crystal drops. $8.95 ppd. tax incl. Harold J. Rubin, 56 E. 56, N.Y.

5. Clear plastic, gold-specked ball. Opens at center (as.shown on tree) to disclose two 18 TopHit silk squares in different solid colors. Each ball, $1. Macy’s, N.Y.

6. TopHit wool stole, striped in any-college colors. Worn as is or as a cap-and-stole. $4.95. From McCreery’s, N.Y.

7. Leopard-printed plush tote bag (big!), $12.95 ppd. Marshall Field, Chicago, Ill.

8. Munsingwear’s “Royalty” slip, white nylon tricot, bodice covered in pearl-studded, embroidered nylon net, 32-38, $10.95. Matching French-cut panties, 4-7. $3.95. Emery, Bird & Thayer, Kansas City, Mo.

9. Samsonite vinyl plastic suitcases. Top, 15 O’Nite vanity, $21. Bottom, 18 VIP case, built-in file, $23. Prices incl. fed’l tax. Both, alligator & rawhide finish, brown, tan. Vanity, also blue, green. Gimbel’s, N.Y.

10. Exclusive PHOTOPLAY cinch belt. Imported gold metallic, 3 wide. Appliqued with rhinestone-set black velvet stars. S-M-L. $2.95. Oppenheim Collins Stores.

11. Golden “So-Basket” pincushion. The red plush center holds thimble, jewelled hatpins. $3. Frederic Mosell, 15 W. 47, N.Y.

12. Sheer Bur-Mil Cameo hose, 66 gauge, 12 denier, snag-resistant. Serene, soft tawny brown. $1.65 pr. F&R Lazarus, Columbus, O.

13. Tri-corner double wool jersey stole with 3 cellophane matching fringe. Black or toast. $10.95. Oppenheim Collins, N.Y.

14. Lustrous Deltah simulated pearls, giftboxed. 60 rope, $7.25; graduated necklace, $2.50; choker, uniform-size pearls, $3; button earrings, $1.50. At fine jewelry stores.

15. Mahogany-finish plywood sewing cabinet, $2.98. Atop, stocking filled with sew-accessories, $1.05. Singer Sewing Centers.

16. Portable sewing machine, standard size. Case, crinkle-finish aluminum. Hinged presser foot (no basting). Lifetime guarantee. $156.96. Domestic Sewing Machine Co., 1231 Maine Ave., Cleveland, O.

17. Orlon cardigan, pink, blue, white, $8.95. Short-sleeved orlon: scoop-neck, pearl and crystal appliqued. White, black, $22.95. Premier, 34-40. Milgrim’s, N.Y.

18. Big (5½ x 4½) quilted red satin pincushion, fragrantly herb-filled. $2.25. From Brook Hollow Post, Stockton, N.J.

19. Magic belt: Buckled leather front with non-slip slits for you to pull your own fabric through. (We used polka-dot silk.) Black, brown, red, navy, natural. $1.50 ppd. Thea, 333 East 79th Street, N.Y.

20. Choir-boy collar, real lapin fur, rich brown. For sweaters and dress-up. By Baar & Beards. $2.95 Franklin Simon, N.Y.

21. Rose and blue Luxite sleep set. Duster: pockets, frog closings, quilted nylon tricot, padded nylon lining, S-M-L, $25. Matching plain boy pajamas, L12-18, $8.95. Marshall Field, Chicago, Ill.

22. Evans gold-rimmed white bone china “Cotillion” set: table lighter, ashtray, cigarette urn. In white, satin-lined gift box, $15. Plummer, 734 Fifth Avenue, N.Y.

23. Complete Brownie home movie set. four pieces, total $108.75. Peerless Camera Stores, 138 E. 44, N.Y. Or order separately: movie camera, $39.75; projector, $62.50; projection screen, $4.50. Book, “How to Make Good Movies,” $2.

24. Playtex Superfoam pillow, zipped case. In holiday box. 3 heights: $7.95, $9.95, $11.95. Department stores everywhere.

25. Modern blonde oak-finish hope chest, Aroma-tight, Automatic tray lid. 47 long, 21 high, 17½ wide. $59.95. By Lane. Leading furniture and department stores. Or write: Lane Co., Altavista, Va.

To buy these gifts by mail, send check or money order (and description) directly to store listed. Allow two weeks for delivery.



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