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Gary Cooper Cuts Some Capers

BETWEEN SCENES, Gary joins Burt Lancaster, co-producer of “Vera Cruz,” and Burt’s lovely wife, Norma, on the set for a chat.

LOCATION LIFE is sparked up by presence of high-voltage Denise Darcel, who portrays a double-crossing French countess in the U.A. release. 

HARD-RIDING, two-fisted roles are Gary’s meat and this adventure yarn of the Mexican Revolution lends itself to his special talents.

CAMERA STUDIES of Coop reveal him to be jovial and keenly interested in the goings-on—quite different from usually reserved Gary.

GUN-TOTIN’ Burt Lancaster, Gary’s sidekick in the film, is a trigger-happy hombre with an almost passionate devotion to evil.

GUNMEN and soldiers of fortune join forces to fight in the Mexican Revolution for the side that pays them the most money.

BURT carefully explains scene to Sarita Montiel, torrid Spanish-Mexican screen actress who’s playing her first English-speaking role.

RODUCER Lancaster takes good care of his napping star. Burt was so sold on Gary as his co-star he gave him top-billing.