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    Marlon Brando’s Mystery Romance

    Although Marlon Brando and Movita were considered a constant twosome in New York, the romance has been classified as top secret. Some say it began while Marlon was making “Viva Zapata,” but he has refused to talk about it. However, when Brando trekked West to make “Julius Caesar,” Movita also appeared on the scene.

    Born Maria Louisa Castenada, she became Movita for films. One of her most publicized roles was that of the native girl in “Mutiny on the Bounty” (with Franchot Tone). Recently, she signed with M-G-M for a top role with Cary Grant in “Dream Wife.” She is the ex-wife of former Irish heavyweight, Jack Doyle.

    It has been said that Movita strongly resembles a girl to whom Marlon once proposed. But most believe him in love with Movita. Brando isn’t talking!



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