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—capricious of “The Affairs Of Susan,” has the grace of a goddess in this classic evening dress. Statuesque, magnificently sculptured . . . a cool column of white with a glint of gilt beads and paillettes, a flow of fabric swirled over the head, sari-wise. A Bruno design in white Moonstone rayon crepe.


For her outside interests, Miss Fontaine likes this gay little dress to sun in, have fun in, Deliciously daring . . . in a bold bright plaid cut to show a pair of pretty shoulders. And for added coquetry, a full, flared skirt and flirtatious bows. A Tina Leser design in black and yellow plaid Starspun, a Dan River woven cotton gingham.

Stripes are so gay, so slim-making. So smart with dropped shoulders and giant V pocket. A Babs Junior in Everfast cotton and spun rayon. 7-15. $12.95 at Jays, Boston

Quick-change—a bright bareback dress held up by a halter. When you want to shun sun, add the white bolero. By Margot in red and white printed cotton pique. 7-15. About $15 at John Wanamaker, New York.

Nude but nice—a draped midriff top, sailor-boy shorts, and you in-between. Contrasts in spun rayon; blue with gold or fuchsia, rose with aqua, shrimp with Kelly. By Cobert. 12-18. $5.95 at G. Fox, Hartford

Hiking, biking, loafing, you’ll love the cool comfort of smart cotton slacks and a tummy-tanning striped midriff. Both Blackfriars in chambray. 10-20. Blue or tan slacks, $4. Blue or tan and white midriff, about $3.50. At Carson, Pirie Scott, Chicago

Come out . . . Come out . . .



Come out and play . . . come out from under those cover-up clothes you wore all winter. Get into something that’s next-to-nothing. Brown your arms, bare your middle, stretch your legs. Photoplay’s fashion experts show you how to have fun and look pretty having it . . . in clothes good for your health, happiness and the state of your purse



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