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Because she refuses to be separated from her family during her four-week engagement in Las Vegas, Jane Powell’s taking the children along and Pat Nerney will fly there for weekends. Only fly in the glamorous ointment—favorite designer Helen Rose was too swamped with picture production to execute Missy Powell’s costumes . . . Now that Anne Francis is a not-so-gay divorcee, she’s lining up a rugged routine including tennis, swimming and horseback lessons, which she never had time to take before. Lovely Anne really tried to soft-pedal her divorce from am Price. So she was quite taken aback when he unexpectedly appeared at the trial and sat sullenly in the back of the courtroom.

On the happier side, Julie Adams married Ray Danton in such haste, there was no time for the usual bridal showers. So now the Jeff Chandlers just gave them a barbecue shower and George Nader sent a year’s supply of hot dogs! As a side line Rory Calhoun is in the rug business. So he and Lita carpeted the bride and groom’s new modern apartment from wall to wall! . . . It’s quite a triumphant return for Yvonne DeCarlo who started out as a stock girl at Paramount and never got out of the cheesecake department. Her dream during those days was to wear clothes designed by the talented Edith Head. Now it’s happening for Yvonne who plays Sephora, wife of Moses in C. B. DeMille’s “The Ten Commandments.”

Ray Milland tested twenty girls before he chose Mary Murphy to play the lead in “The Gunman,” his first directorial effort. Mary had to bleach her hair for the role, which she didn’t mind a bit. But boy friend Dale Robertson made her promise to dye for him the second the picture was finished! . . . And when they tested Joan Collins for “The Girl in the Red Velvet Swing,” the studio was afraid she wouldn’t sound like an American. “Fiddlesticks,” snapped the beautiful Britisher, “just get a load of this.” And then she humorously cracked: “Twenty-three skiddo and, Oh, you, kid!” . . . Someone asked beautiful and talented Virginia Leith how she felt about being surrounded by so many handsome he-men in “Violent Saturday.” Quipped the gal who’s really going places: “Decisions—decisions—decisions!” . . . Rita Moreno certainly made it plenty “hot” for Oreste Kirkop who screen debuts in “The Vagabond King.” The famous Maltese singer had never tasted Mexican food. So his sultry co-star tossed him a tortilla and tamale jamboree at her favorite Casa Escobar!

At the Moment: Marilyn Monroe is still number one at 20th in the fan-mail department. Her fans remain fanatically loyal . . . Piper Laurie fled to New York to escape reporters. (ESCAPE!!) Since Private David Schine filed an unsigned marriage license at Anchorage, Alaska, no- marriage-minded Piper hasn’t had a moment’s peace . . . Take it from Cal: Lori Nelson won’t announce her engagement to Tab Hunter—not ever!

Down Romance Lane: According to an in- side source, Grace Kelly’s now convinced Clark Gable is Kay Spreckels’ permanent property. So Gracie girl is turning her eyes in another direction—and Marlon Brando is right in the line of vision! . . . But the sweetie who’s sending all the local lads is blossoming Marisa Pavan. Richard Egan, Robert Francis and Russ Tamblyn have her private phone number. James Dean is smitten, too, but in his case maybe she just reminds him of the gal who got away—Marisa’s twin sister, Pier Angeli!

Family Style: For her role of a social jazz baby in “Pete Kelly’s Blues,” Janet Leigh wears a 1927 bugle-bead gown that weighs 40 Ibs. Every time she takes a step she drops a bead. So Tony Curtis refers to his wife as—Gypsy Rose Leigh! . . . And guess who’s telling Guy Madison the facts of life—the facts of life as a father that is! None other than Andy Devine, his Tv buddy-buddy in “Wild Bill Hickok.” Shy Guy wants to be the best father in the world. So each night he writes down questions to ask Andy (his sons are 13 and 18!) the following morning on the set.

Sleeping Beauty: Elizabeth Taylor’s first day out since her baby was born, she went to Warners where George Stevens (he’ll direct her in “Giant”) gave a luncheon for her. Red roses marked her place, plus an alarm clock from Michael Wilding who knows how much his beautiful wife hates to get up in the morning. “You haven’t met your co-star yet,” said Stevens, calling over James Dean. “Wanna buy a motorcycle?” was the way inimitable Dean acknowledged the introduction. “No thanks,” laughed Liz, “I have a Cadillac.” Deadpanned Jimmy: “How many rooms?” And then he walked away.

Peroxide Parade: Doris Day’s first trip to England is undoing all the damage done previously by some of our snootier stars. Wanna know what impressed the reserved Britishers most about Do-Do? Those blond streaks in her hair, her freckles and her colorless nail polish! . . . And wisecracking Sheree North on the “How to be Very, Very Popular” set, took one look at Noel Toy, the Chinese beauty with the hip-length hair. “Watch it, honey,” cracked the bombastic blond, “or they’ll bleach it before you get out the gate!”

According to Cupid: Jane Wyman in a burst of confidence, admitted Gregory Peck and Rock Hudson were the most desirable dates in Hollywood. Well, Janie and Greg did get together at a couple of parties in Palm Springs, but after Veronique Passani arrived in town she exercised her priority claim on Peck. However, there are no romantic strings attached to the Rock. He loved making movies with Janie and of late he’s taken to dropping by her Bel Air home at odd hours. Serious? Perhaps. Congenial? And how!

What Price Glory: Arriving home late, William Holden dashed upstairs to say good night to his sons. For years they’ve had a picture of their famous father hanging on the wall. But now in its place staring: back at Bill was—George Gobel! When the Holden family appeared on Ed Murrow’s “Person to Person” show, young Scott and West impersonated the famous TV comedian. He happened to be watching, so he sent a thank-you letter and a picture on which was written: “You can’t hardly get your kind of fans no more!” It was signed—Lonesome George!

Visiting Fireman: Robert Wagner’s daily appearances at M-G-M started rumors flying from every direction. One columnist reported he was being borrowed for a super-colossal epic. Another said he was visiting Elaine Stewart. And a third joker had an “inside tip” that M-G-M was buying his contract from 20th. Now why didn’t someone check with the ol’ boy? Cal did and Bob replied: “I’m taking dramatic lessons from Gertrude Fogler. She’s a great coach and I want to keep learning more about my job.”

Births, Marriages, Divorces: Guy Madison raced the stork back from location and was right there in the father’s waiting room when daughter Bridget weighed in at 4 Ibs, 2 ozs. . . . Terry Moore was in Paris making a movie, Johnnie Ray was opening at the London Palladium. Mix well together, add one press agent and let it come to a slow boil. “I’m crazy about the guy,” says Terry. “Could be marriage,” says Johnnie. “Ho-hum,” says Cal. . . . Tongues wagged all over again when Lana Turner showed at the sneak preview of “The Sea Chase” with a “stranger.” Just to enlighten the rumor rousers, the “stranger” was Del Armstrong, who is Lana’s studio friend and make-up man. Lex had flown East to see his ailing father.

Doggy Tale: Between takes on “The Bar Sinister” set, they were discussing Wildfire, the new canine star of the show. “Whatever happened to Lassie in pictures?” inquired Jarma Lewis. “She began to get circles under her eyes,” deadpanned Jeff Richards, “so they had to replace her!”

Did You Know: That Alan Ladd inadvertently is responsible for Jack Webb’s fabulous career? He had an excellent role in “Appointment for Danger,” but Alan was the star, so the producer left Jack’s footage on the cutting room floor. And that’s how the now-famous “Dragnet” was born. . . . And back in 1951, when Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis made a picture called “Sailor Beware,” a shy, curly-haired actor of no particular distinction, played two scenes with the comedians. The studio used one, but cut it to the bone. Four years later this same actor made a much better impression. You saw him in “East of Eden.” His name? James Dean!

Production Blues: So Audie Murphy gave in and son Terry Michael played his youngest brother in “To Hell and Back.” Then mother nature got so noisy on the farm where they worked, the three-year-old actor had to return to U-I and loop his lines. That’s repeating ’em on a separate sound track! . . . Now hear this! When Liberace did a make-up test for “Sincerely Yours,” they discovered his pearly white teeth flashed back and now they have to under-light ’em . . . Dick Powell directing June Allyson in the remake of “It Happened One Night,” made a pre-production agreement. All studio business will be conducted at the studio. At home it has to be strictly Mr. and Mrs. stuff! . . . The honeymoon may be over, but Jimmy Stewart refused to go to Africa for Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Man Who Knew Too Much” (with Doris Day) unless his wife Gloria accompanied him. Hollywood could use more husbands like James!

This-a and That-a: Tip to natural redheads: Piper Laurie’s personal physician advises no more than five minutes daily to acquire that summer tan. . . . Adoring fans (who Bob Francis would like to strangle!) wrote “I love you” in black crayon all over his white Cadillac! . . . Handsome, virile Barry Coe is the new hope at remember Cal warned you! .. . Barbara Rush is the life of the party doing her impersonation of Rock Hudson. . . . Out of thirteen pictures, Jack Palance was forced to die ten times! . . . When the Humphrey Bogarts were married ten years, Bogie gave “Baby” a tin can—with a gold clip in it! She gave him a new tin-is racquet. Ouch!

Eyefuls: Jeff Hunter playing the Indian in “White Feather” had to wear contact lenses and they all but killed him. Now the poor guy has to wear ’em again in “Seven Cities of Gold.” . . . But inimitable director William Wellman decided to be novel and have a blue-eyed Chinese girl play opposite John Wayne in “Blood Alley,” so Anita Ekberg, the statuesque Swede, didn’t have to wear contact lenses after all! . . . And while we’re making with the eyes, Burt Lancaster designed himself special driving glasses with pigskin covered frames. His optometrist was so taken with the orignal idea, he’s stocking up a supply for future customers!

Joiner-Uppers: Rock Hudson has another new fan club. There are only four members, but what enthusiastic ones! The rave wave started when the tall man was guest star on “I Love Lucy.” And Lucy, Desi, Vivian Vance and Bill Brawley love Rock, who hung around all day to watch them work. He appeared on the show to plug his new U-I picture. But Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz were so grateful for Rock’s cooperation, they presented him with a new color Tv set!

For Men Only: Tony Curtis is the first Hollywood actor to order those new pencil-slim, leg-fitting slacks with sixteen inch cuffs. But Howard Keel says, “Who wants to look like a weenie in tights!” . . . And Rory Calhoun ordered black linen slacks from Rick Byron’s in Beverly Hills. Instead of the usual zipper, they lace on corset style in contrasting white. . . . Marlon Brando on the “Guys and Dolls” set, admired those wedgewood cuff links that Frank Sinatra wears in several shades. Frankie boy went right to the phone, ordered a pair for Marlon and picked ’em up coming to work next day!

Laugh Lines: It’s Montgomery Clift’s description of a femme fatale he met recently: “She’s the kind of girl you’d take to meet your mother—providing your father wasn’t home!”

Bachelor Headaches: Though Tab Hunter’s getting a big boot out of furnishing his first apartment, he only owns a bed, stove and refrigerator. That’s all his budget allows! . . . George Nader’s having his house wired for sound (music!) while he’s away on the “Away All Boats” location. And he had to hire a maid to drop by each day to feed his cat that just had kittens! . . . When he was dropped by U-I for refusing a small role, it looked like the Race was over for Gentry. Now skies are blue again, because M-G-M is talking term deal.

Homing Pigeons: Audrey Hepburn, in a letter to the Bill Holdens, confessed she’s lonely for Hollywood. This little Audrey never thought would happen to her! . . . And Eva Marie Saint is anxious to spend the summer and make a movie here. But she wouldn’t head West without the new baby and her tv director husband who works in the East. Wonder if we’ll be seeing little Eva? . . . We know we won’t be seeing Ava Gardner for many a month, because she’s rented a house in Spain. Whatever she’s searching for, here’s hoping Miss Wanderlust finds it!




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