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A Report On Lana Turner And Love

For 15 years she’s loved lavishly and taken heartbreak with a smile. In this intimate story Lana reveals what she’s learned and what she’s going to do about it....

Louella Parsons’ Good News

Party Of The Month: Jimmy McHugh’s “Welcome Back” for Louella Parsons. Everybody was there! . . . Judy Garland promises not to diet . . . Jose Ferrer sings “Come On A My House” to Rosemary . . ....

Impertinent Interview—Rory and Lita Calhoun 

“WHAT ABOUT the double life you lead?” I asked Rory Calhoun. “Does your wife approve?” “Approve? She helps me lead it! Matter of fact, we’ve been leading a double life together ever since we were married seven years ago. “When Lita and I were married on August...

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