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Chit Chat: Elvis decided he preferred to live in Memphis between pictures. “I like to work in Hollywood,” he told me, “but I like to be among ‘just folks’ in between.” All I can say is if El’s ever-present bodyguards from his home town, are “just plain folks,” then Memphis must be a city way off in outer space, man. Such characters, yet. . . . Sorry to report Troy Donahue is reaping a lot of hot gossip these days that has his friends and his family distressed. Too bad, as Troy has a lot of promise. . . . Tony Curtis bought an entire hotel in Palm Springs, and at the cost of a million and a half dollars is transforming it into a deluxe tennis club. And up in San Francisco, the Kingston Trio invested in a $350,000 office building. . . . Dolores Hart confided a secret I’m passing on to you. “I want to get married,” says this delectable star of “Something for the Boys.” “I don’t think a girl is ever happy until she’s married.”

Briefies: Fans are muttering over Bobby Darin’s Sinatra-like attitude these days—waving away fans and generally “lording it over.” I hope it’s only a phase and talented Bobby will return from his “Come September” film in Rome, a much more thoughtful lad. . . . If Tony Franciosa stages any more physical assaults such as he launched on director Chuck Walters, on the “Go Naked in the World” set, he may find everyone on his future movies toting a gun or at least wearing armor. What a temper! And that break between Tony andShelley Winters looks final. At least the separation papers are signed. . . . Robert Conrad (“Hawaiian Eye”) seems shorter off TV than he appears on. But he’s certainly as nice as I’d expected he’d be. . . . And I dig that handsome Tony Eisley.

What a charming, friendly lad he is, to be sure. And what a cutie is that other “Hawaiian Eye” member, Connie Stevens, who moaned, “All I do is work. I’m doing publicity promotion for my picture ‘Parrish,’ playing Cricket in my ‘Eye’ series and rehearsing for my night-club tour all at once.” “No dating?” I asked. “Well, maybe a little,” she grinned. . . . Your big favorite, Andy Williams, is booked solidly for a year ahead with movies, TV and night-club dates, interrupted by an overseas trek with Bob Hope during the Holidays. And I promise all you many Andy fans to report more about this Williams lad in the future. . . . Greeted Edd Byrnes on the Warner Bros. lot the other day and discovered “Kookie” has lost considerable weight. That long layoff did him very little good, really, and I doubt if Jim Garner’s rebellion will profit him much, either. But his “Maverick” brother, Jack Kelly, is very happy these days with a brand new house, a new car, gift of the studio, and a good performance in the movie “Fever in the Blood.” Just exactly what more could a man ask for???? But I will say that Jack deserves anything he does get. It’s good to see him smiling.

Surprise! The night was dark and the two characters hidden in the bushes along the road leading to Susan Kohner’s house, looked mighty suspicious. As it turned out, the lads, wearing speaker sets connected with Susan’s house, were stationed there to report the approach of an unsuspecting George Hamilton. And what a surprise when the gang leaped out of the darkened living room to cry “Happy Birthday.” It was George’s twenty-first, and Susan had asked in practically all of Hollywood to celebrate. Lovely Dolores Del Rio, Susan’s Godmother, was among the guests who enthused over the birthday cake, baked in the shape of George’s new Italian car, an Alfa Romeo. It was great fun.

Closeup: Unobserved, I watched as Yvette Mimieux bought shoes at Saks Beverly Hills to wear in the M-G-M movie “Something for the Boys.” Unlike many demanding young stars, Yvette seemed perfectly content with the shoes in this “less expensive” department of the shop, listening to every suggestion of the studio shopper who accompanied her. I noticed other busy customers had no idea the blond, rather plain little thing, so intent on her errand, would soon be recognized as one of Hollywood’s brightest stars, especially after “Something for the Boys” and her future film “The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse” are released. I recalled a day I had spent with Yvette on a back lot of M-G-M studios while “The Time Machine” was being made and the fun we had together over our picnic lunch under the trees. “I want no part of Hollywood wolves,” she said there, and meant it. As to those recent marriage rumors, Yvette denies them. “I’m too busy for marriage,” she assures me. So, we go along with Hollywood’s future Bright Star and say no more about it. But we do wish her the best of luck on her acting career.

Cupidisms: Pert and talented Taina Elg was touring Texas and waiting for her best beau, Keith Larsen, to join her when news of Keith’s marriage to Vera Miles reached her. I’m told it rocked Taina off her dancing toes—it was that unexpected. . . . Gene Kelly and his living image, teenage daughter Kerry Kelly, stood side by side in a Nevada courtroom when Gene wed Jeanne Coyne, his production assistant. Kerry and her father have been very close since Betsy and Gene Kelly were divorced several years ago. Yes, Kerry is very happy with Jeanne as a stepmother. . . . Singer Jimmy Boyd married Yvonne Craig the minute her movie “High Time” was in the bag and Robert Horton is expected to take the same step with Marilyn Bradley. I’m told Marilyn will be Horton’s third wife. Or is she the fourth??? It’s my congratulations to Lana Turner and businessman Fred May on their marriage. And if possible, Lana’s daughter Cheryl will take off for Europe with Lana and her new stepfather. Cheryl, who is a ward of the courts, must have their permission as Lana, unfortunately, has no say in the matter. . . . And, of course, Fabian is still so devoted to Kathy Kelly, the teenagers around town have the moping, drooping blues. Which shows the way the cookie crumbles this month, at least. . .. Two good-looking couples: Stephen Boyd with Elana Eden . . . and at the Harwyn, John Vivyan with Mickey Miller. . . . Joan Collins says she and Warren Beatty will wed before the first of next year.

Tidbits: I’m not too surprised over the Arlene Dahl-Fernando Lamas separation—their second parting and perhaps their last. Only recently, at a preview, I sat beside the handsome couple and before the picture began, listened while Arlene enthused over her newspaper beauty column and her new book on beauty which, she explained, went much deeper than cold cream. I noticed how indifferent Fernando seemed at the time, and after a brief “hello” in our direction, never contributed one word. Rumor linked Fernando’s name with Esther Williams after their recent TV spectacular and the two have been seen together at various parties. Esther said goodbye to her romance with Jeff Chandler so maybe Fernando is “the new beau” in her life. . . . Poor Yves Montand was so distressed over those Paris headlines linking his name with Marilyn Monroe! And it did seem to lunchers in the 20th Century-Fox dining room, during the shooting of “Let’s Make Love,” that Yves and Marilyn were very cozy over their salads while both their mates were out of town. But the arrival of Simone Signoret, Yves’ wife, allayed all gossip and now all the handsome Frenchman has to worry over is his billing in “Sanctuary” with Lee Remick. And maybe a few more complications in his marriage with Simone. . . . The Rory Calhouns are elated over another expected heir—their third child, to be exact. Rory and wife, Lita Baron, always wanted a large family and they’re getting their wish.

Young favorites: “I’m home, I’m home, come up, come up,” the familiar and happy voice of Sandra Deefloated over the telephone. So, in nothing flat, I found myself with Sandra and her young mother, Mary, all of us talking at once about our experiences in Rome. Sandra was blue, however, over returning again to Italy for the movie “Come September” with Rock Hudson, Gina Lollobrigida, and Bobby Darin. “I love the cast and the picture but I love my new home here and my friends and the studio. I’ve spent so many weeks in Rome making ‘Romanoff and Juliet’ I’d like to stay home a while,” she moaned and I understood her point of view. The house of Mary and Sandra, perched atop a Beverly Hills mesa, is a dream one with Sandra’s room all blue and white and the kitchen agleam with the latest gadgets that Sandy loves.

That morning she had invaded a hardware shop for more gadgets and on the new whirling mixer whipped up all sorts of delectable vegetable and fruit juices which Mary and I sampled. The lunch, with Sandy busy in the kitchen, was delicious and after a cozy, lazy afternoon around the pool, we decided Oriental food would be the very thing. A short time later, Trader Vic’s delivered delectable concoctions of Polynesian food that was, we all agreed, far from the menus of Rome. Sandy’s new contract with Universal Studio and the fact Photoplay readers awarded her first place on our Popularity Poll, somewhat eased the homesickness of her leaving. So now I’m awaiting her return for more news and more mixed delights from Sandra Dee’s kitchen. What an adorable child she is!!!! Paul Ankahas a way with his fans that’s a pleasant way, indeed. When they gathered too closely about a location set for his movie, “Look in Any Window,” Paul refused to have them ordered away.

Cooperation: Up in Reno, Nevada, where Marilyn Monroe’s new picture, “The Misfits,” was shooting, Marilyn surprised everyone by keeping almost up to schedule. Whispers are that Clark Gable, one of my favorites, had let it be known to everyone involved, he brooks no nonsense, Clark, who always ends his day’s work promptly at 5 o’clock, did so regardless. So, if Marilyn showed up at four in the afternoon, that was her hard luck. King Gable left on the dot of five. And since this was an Arthur Miller-Marilyn Monroe production, Madame Miller did a lot more cooperating than she has ever done—until taken to the hospital with nervous exhaustion.

Mailbox Corner: Sharon Clay of Medicine Hat, Canada, is another Stephen Boyd fan. I know Sharon will be glad to hear Stephen’s just as big a hit in Europe, where he’s filming “Cleopatra.” . . . Kathy Polimeno is a John Ericson fan. Can anyone tell me ‘if there is an Ericson Luker writes me good news of her favorite, Lee Tracy, who is playing on Broadway in “The Best Man,” in a co-starring role with Melvyn Douglas.

More Mailbox: We’ve become quite international this month with a letter from the Bahamas, one from Thailand, one from Jamaica, and one from Mrs. Abdul Khan of Karachi, Pakistan, who suggests our column rates an Oscar. Well! . . . Deborah Kerr writes a warm note from her home in Switzerland. . . . From Vancouver, British Columbia, Irish Hall inquires about a Darren McGavin fan club. Does anyone know of a McGavin club? . . . Very pretty Pruja Sonakul of McGill University in Montreal writes a charming letter and all the way from Bangkok, A. Xuto of the Royal Thai Navy writes us about the visit of his King and Queen to our country. Photoplay certainly gets around. . . . And if you want to join a John Vivyan fan club, write to Maia Jagds, Box 131, Mountain Iron, Minn. for info. . . . 15-year-old Linda Rein of 840 East 8th Street, Brooklyn 30, New York, adores Katharine Hepburn and Margaret Barkenhagen of Baraboo, Wisconsin, is a Maximillian Schell fan. So’s Janet Clayton of Mo.

Party of the Month: It was young people time in Hollywood when Merle Oberon gave a dinner party for her young house guests, Anne and Charlotte Ford, daughters of the Henry Fords. And you can imagine the surprise when Susan Kohner walked in with John Saxon. Seems George Hamilton, Susan’s best beau, was working and Saxon was a willing substitute. Maria Cooper, as co-hostess, spent her free time talking with Gardner McKay, who came stag. Frankie Avalon, who brought along Bob Forte, Fabian’s 14-year-old brother, explained Fabe was ill with a sore throat. David and Ricky Nelson both eyed the lovely Ford sisters who beamed at the handsome brothers, a charming foursome. Even the chaperones, Ernie Kovacs and Edie Adams, the Gary Coopers, Tony Curtis and his Janet, had a wonderful time.

Bits and Pieces: With Eddie Fisher and Liz Taylor living quietly in an English hotel suite during her “Cleopatra” chores, their one hope is that the English press will permit them and their children to live the quiet uncontaminated lives they yearn to. I’m all for giving them their chance but I doubt if the English press will grant them that privilege. . . . Doris Day and her husband, Marty Melcher, are early Christmas shoppers, but guess what they plan to give each other? A TV station. each his own, preferably both of them in Northern California. Now, how in the world can you wrap up television stations in red ribbons and holly????

Two Englishmen who spent considerable time in Hollywood, have returned home now—Stewart Granger and Michael Wilding, both recently divorced. And rumors are that Stewart will remarry his first wife. I wonder? . . . A letter from Jimmy Darren and Evy Norlund in London bemoans the fact his “Guns of the Navarone” goes on and on. “Wouldn’t it be awful,” they say, “if we’re here all fall and the London bobbies picked us up on Halloween on a ‘trick or treat’ charge?” On the serious side they’re elated over their new flat and the fact their expected heir will be born in Hollywood. They hope!!! Judy Garland and husband, Sid Luft, are comfortably ensconsed in their London home which will be their base of operation for some time to come.

Cal York’s Jottings: Tommy Rettig, who only yesterday was concerned with Lassie, is now fussing over his new son. Tommy, a father at nineteen, and his wife, Darlene, a mother at sixteen, are Hollywood’s youngest married couple. . . . Gene Barry (“Bat Masterson”) denies any feud existed between him and Monique Van Vooren while the pair co-starred at the Riviera in Las Vegas. But those who know, say they fully expected the two to shoot it out on Main Street any moment. . . . Pat Boone and the Lennon Sisters had a ball playing State Fairs together during the late summer. Pat is now settled in Hollywood for a while and the Lennons have returned to their Lawrence Welk chores. . . . Jimmy and Gloria Stewart and their four children trekked home from a grand tour of Europe, tired but happy. The Stewarts were welcomed wherever they went . . . After Vic Damone’s trip, to see Pier Angeli in Europe, proved futile, there seems no hope at all, now, for a reconciliation.

The Debbie-Karl situation: “Yes, I think Debbie will marry Harry Karl, perhaps in the spring,” a mutual friend told me. “I think Debbie is a basically fine young woman far from the take-and-run type. And Debbie has accepted quite a few expensive gifts from Harry. He has been lavish with her parents in every way. I’m told he’s given Debbie money to buy clothes and gifts for her mother and her children. So, under the circumstances, I hardly think Debbie would say, ‘thanks and goodbye.’ Besides, I feel she admires and respects Harry who would make a very good husband and father.”

A Party: At Kenny Miller’s party, Dick Clark was teaching everyone that new dance craze, “The Twist.” It’s great fun. You stand facing your partner. Both perform identically. Then you slowly twist your body on the toes of your left foot to the left, while your arms are extended. Then bend lightly at the knees, straighten up again, and twist back on the toes of the right foot to the right. You just repeat this over and over to music. I love to do it but, brother, am I sore. I couldn’t move for days!

On or Off? Despite all that talk about their romance being over, Annette came to the Twist party with Paul Anka. Am I wrong, or are Paul’s feelings for Annette much stronger than vice versa?

Guest List: Spotted Burt Reynolds, without a date, arriving with Jim Franciscus and his wife. And Jimmie Rodgers and Colleen even brought the baby. “She never cries,” Jimmy boasted.

What Happened: The food was just great, so everybody just forgot their diets and dug in. “Besides, if we gain any weight,” Dodie Stevens laughed, “we can lose it again by doing The Twist.”. . . Sherry Jackson looked downright scary when she arrived, straight from the set, with her hair in giant rollers and huge sunglasses hiding her face. Later, though, with hair combed and wearing a sleek red swimsuit, she reminded Mark Damonof a junior Susan Hayward. . . . Marianna Gaba got tossed in the pool. An old twist, eh?




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