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When Dick Chamberlain discovered “Dr. Kidare” producers wanted to marry him off in next year’s shows, the doc’s temperature was hat enough to burst a thermometer. Dick was just about ready to toss in his stethoscope, and pull a George Maharis. However, he finally consented to a compromise. He’ll have a steady girl friend on the series.

Debbie Reynolds really must come from pioneer stock. Although she has suffered two consecutive miscarriages, Debbie is more determined than ever to present Harry Karl with a baby. Debbie is seriously considering taking a full year off from her career to devote to the project. The latest miscarriage could have proved fatal to the actress. She and Harry were on a European jaunt when the first signs of danger appeared. Fortunately, they were at home in California when the tragedy happened, so Debbie had the comfort of her own doctor.

The big, big plans Joe Hamilton and Carol Burnett have for her career will have to wait a spell. She’s expecting in February. It’ll mark the ninth time Joe will pass out cigars. He’s a papa eight times by his first wife. Marriage has really changed Carol’s outlook—or at least that’s what her ex-pals are saying these days.

I can’t deny Liz Taylor is a talented actress, but I can deny that she’s a grateful woman. Liz eventually will realize nearly nine million dollars for her role in “Cleopatra,” and yet she refused to attend either the New York or Hollywood premieres of the epic. Did she feel that she gave an inferior performance? When it was ninty-nine per cent predictable she would win an Oscar, Liz came to the Academy Awards, although she had just been ill.

This time, however, it wasn’t her fear of failure so much as the fact that Dickie Burton was making “Becket” in London. Apparently, since he couldn’t attend, she felt ill-equipped to grace the New York and Hollywood openings. Thousands of her fans lined the streets in hopes that she would change her mind and come at the last minute. How wrong they were. The last time Liz changed her mind, Eddie Fisher packed his bags.

Perhaps Vince Edwards will have to call on Dr. Kildare for first aid. Sharon Farrell was the gleam in his eye when he opened his singing doctor act at the Cocoanut Grove. Sherry Nelson stayed home to watch the late, late show on TV. Incidentally, Edwards’ press agents claim he’s another Sinatra. I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it, Frankie.

Now here we go again. Jayne Mansfield wants Mickey back. I heard she told the wandering crooner, Nelson Sardelli, he might as well find another hobby.

Jill St. John was in New York with Frank Sinatra, but she came back to Lance Reventlow. A reconciliation? Well, I doubt it. Lance gave up playing with sports cars and is playing with polo ponies. Jill is still playing actress, they tell me.

Natalie Wood found life too lonely at the beach. She moved back to town. It’s Arthur Loew, Jr., who’s making Natalie forget Warren Beatty ever existed.

When Shirley MacLaine took a swing at a Hollywood columnist it was because he had printed an item that had been bugging her for months. He’d hinted there was trouble in the MacLaine-Parker household.

That reconciliation alarm that rang when Sandra Dee flew back with the baby to New York where Bobby Darin was quartered proved false. Actually the studio sent her back to plug a film, and since Big D wanted to see the baby again, she volunteered to take him with her. It did mark the first time Sandy and Bobby faced each other since they broke up housekeeping.

Scooping Around: An accident felled Mel Ferrer in Spain. They rushed him to New York for medical treatment. Audrey Hepburn showed grave concern when she interrupted rehearsal chores on “My Fair Lady” and jetted back to be with him. . . . Connie Francis and Don Rickies are still a big item. . . . The reason a Los Angeles traffic judge threw the book at Dick Chamberlain (barred him from driving on the freeway): Dick twice previously was flagged down by the law while speeding in his souped-up Corvette. . . .

What has all the young eligibles baffled is why Elke Sommer, the German sexpot in M-G-M’s “The Prize,” keeps turning down dates. I’ll tell them. She already has been spoken for by one of the biggest agents in town. . . . Marlon Brando is now on medical record. Doctors found he has four kidneys. . . . Stork bulletin. Rod Taylor and Mary Hilem are expecting. . . . Anita Ekberg would like to be. Tells chums the only thing she wants in life is a baby. Husband Rik Von Nutter agrees with her, too. . . . They’re trying to change Tuesday Weld’s image (did she ever have one?). They say she’s no longer a beatnik, but very sophisticated. Personally I liked the old Tuesday.

If Elvis Presley and Ann-Margret don’t jell a lot of chemistry, I’ll eat Colonel Tom Parker’s Presley buttons. The two started filming “Viva Las Vegas” in July. He plays a bus boy in the film and she’s his lucky dish.

Aren’t Suzanne Pleshette and Troy Donahue planning to greet Santa Claus with bells—wedding bells that is.

Troy, with Suzanne’s help, has his new home furnished—even has a king-size bed.

Still the avid baseball fan, Doris Day gave a private screening of “The Thrill of It All” for select members of the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team.

Pamela Mason was set to name three corespondents in her suit for divorce against James Mason.





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