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    Christmas Dreams

    MEMO TO MR. S. CLAUS: Since children write you letters and grownups never do, we thought we’d play postman for the stars. All they want for Christmas is a red car, romance, Paris in the Spring and—other things that will surprise you when you click...

    Hollywood Party Line

    There were two “Topics A” in Tinseltown this month—one, fashion, one, party patter—and for days, arguments about the former, and gasps about the latter, were heard all over town. Of course Item One means the Dior dither over whether this French couturier will again be...

    Hollywood Picture Gallery

    FRANK SINATRA Few believed that he had it in him! But when “From Here to Eternity” was released, Frankie’s portrayal of the tough, fiery little Italian dogface, Maggio, stopped the presses. This time, Hollywood’s bad boy is making the headlines the right way!...

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