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Reflecting a smart girl: Barbara Lawrence, right, models an all-wool fleece topper with pyramid silhouette, swing back. Sleeves are perfect for long crushable gloves. In tangerine, gold or pink. Underneath, a navy wool gabardine weskit and skirt. You can wear the weskit and skirt with man-tailored blouses and the coat to top other outfits. All in sizes 8-16 for a mere $50.00. By Donnybrook at Burdine’s, Miami, Fla. and Franklin Simon, New York, N. Y. Gloves by Crescendoe.

On the opposite page—a Junior Deb reproduction of the Diana Lynn—Rosemary Odell coat. Ina dimensional navy and white check accented with navy velvet detachable collar and cuffs. A loose coat with center inverted back pleat that will go over everything, go any place. Also in red, gray or tan with white, sizes 10-18. About $50.00 at Abraham & Straus, Brooklyn, N. Y., Schuneman’s, St. Paul, Minn. and Woodward & Lothrop, Washington, D. C.

two little suit dresses that Look ahead


Be a beauty in blue in this slim navy rayon faille suit dress. Faille dickey, with matching jewel buttons, adds that smart touch of white to flattering neckline of fitted jacket. Also in black, green or brown with white, sizes 7-15. $12.95 by Minx Modes at Saks 34th, New York, N. Y., Davison-Paxon, Atlanta, Ga.

Or, be a slim siren in the rustling navy Celanese taffeta two-piece, below. Fitted basque jacket has crisp white pique bow ties at neck and on the deep cuffs. Youthful skirt is softly gathered. Also in black or caramel. Sizes 7-15, $12.95 by Carole King at Hecht Co., Washington. D. C and Wanamaker’s, New York, N. Y.

Photoplay’s pattern of the month


Fresh approach to the warm days ahead—a perky pin-striped bolero suit with crisp white accents. White pique borders the waist-length jacket, full skirt. Underneath, a sleeveless pique blouse with button front. Stripes will be the style—try Dan River’s washable cordspun, a striped corded chambray



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