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That’s Hollywood For You

I understand Rock Hudson liked the play, “Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?”—but not enough to say, “You can use my full name in the title.” Shirley Jones looks as if she was invented for Rodgers and Hammerstein musicals. . . . Whenever I see Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher together, Eddie always looks as if he is amused by what Debbie says or does. Mitzi Gaynor usually rushes home, even from the movies, to catch the late-late movie on TV. She sits on the couch with husband Jack Bean. “It’s so romantic,” says Mitzi. “It reminds us of how our romance started.” . . . I miss Marlon Brando around town; even if it was only to come into Schwab’s to get a check cashed. . . . You’d never pick Leslie Caron for a movie star, would you? Be honest! . . . Ernest Borgnine is still amazed by his success but pleasantly admits he loves it. “People all over, strangers,” says Borgnine, “approach me and say ‘Hello Marty’.” Bob Wagner doesn’t object if you know he sleeps in the raw and in a big bed. “It has to be big because I roll.”

Mario Lanza has been described as “an over-age brat”. Lana Turner looks different every time I see her, but I manage to recognize her. . . . The real name is Shirley MacLaine Beaty. . . Jean Simmons told me she frequently misplaces objects such as keys and pocket-books. As Jean said it: “They misplace me.” . . . While Tony Martin is singing I like to watch Cyd Charisse dancing. They make a great combo. . . . Liberace has been a showman enough to play up the piano as well as play it. . . . Tom Jenks says the fellow who thinks “evening” means the same thing as “night” should note the effect it has on a gown.

I believe Grace Kelly’s marriage to Prince Rainier will last, but I’m not so sure about Monaco. . . . I have seen Tab Hunter become excited at a party or a premiere when he sees a movie star he admires. “So far,” grins Tab, “I guess I behave more like a movie fan than a movie actor.” Tab hasn’t seen the play “Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?” . . . If you’re collecting odd facts: Charlton Heston can claim to be the first actor discovered on TV to become a movie star. And what’s more, on TV he was a villain; the movies changed him into a hero. . . . George Nader is considered a good date by actresses and starlets. George “listens and acts like a gentleman.” I know that next to having won the Oscar, Jack Lemmon, who also writes songs, would like nothing better than to write a song hit. . . . Tony Curtis is becoming a good businessman. Doris Day proves she is an actress in “The Man Who Knew Too Much.”

Rod Steiger picks good roles and good-looking dolls for himself. . . . Cute Rita Moreno told me that she doesn’t favor any particular type man. “When I see him I’ll know it. He’ll bowl me over.” . . . Burt Lancaster is a good businessman. His independent firm (Hecht-Lancaster) is busier than some major studios. . . . Jane Russell says she saw this sign in an executive’s office: “In Hollywood you have no enemies, just bad friends.”

I’ve the impression Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra really like and admire each other. . . . Gregory Peck is pleasant on the set. I’ve seen him surprise visitors by walking over and introducing himself. . . . John Wayne explains why he is called Duke: “When I was a youngster, I had a dog named Duke. People who didn’t know my name, knew the dog’s. They called me Duke.” . . . Anita Ekberg now hopes people will recognize her acting talent as well as her figure. . . . At a party, Marie Wilson, discussing a prominent actor she had met, said: “I wouldn’t even call him phony. He’s an imitation phony.” That’s Hollywood for you.




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