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Inside Hollywood: Despite those rumors, her M-G-M bosses insist that Elizabeth Taylor’s heart palpitation is the kind that comes from the happiness she’s found as Mrs. Michael Wilding . . . Although he’s practically a newcomer, Robert Wagner’s fan mail is so sensational that he’s going to be starred in remakes of the pictures that cascaded Tyrone Power to fame and fortune . . . He made the picture fourteen years ago, but wherever the William Holdens went in Europe, people pointed and called out—“Golden Boy!” . . . Arthur B. Goode and his American Art Galleries auctioned off the personal possessions of Lady Sylvia Ashley. So help us—one curious customer who bought a chair loudly exclaimed: “I’m going to put this in my living room and pin a sign on it that says—Clark Gable sat here!”

Wrong Number: “This is Jimmy Cagney talking,” said the voice over the phone. “I heard your radio show tonight and your singing was just great.” Now ever since Gordon MacRae worked with Jimmy in “The West Point Story,” he practically idolizes the star. Thinking it was his pal Bill Orr pulling another rib, Gordy cracked, “I’m glad you liked my voice but yours sounds like the lousiest imitation of Cagney’s I’ve ever heard.” Guess whose face was real red when he discovered he was talking to the one and only! . . . “Please give your name and commence the conversation,” kidded Jeff Chandler. He was in Ray Jones’ portrait gallery at U-I and just happened to be sitting next to the phone when it rang. “This,” said the voice at the other end, “is Miss Barrymore!” Big Jeff felt about the size of a small midget. He’ll probably shrink up to nothing when he learns he was talking to Diana—not Ethel!

Truth and Consequences: Cal is convulsed over the Kathryn Grayson situation. For eleven and a half years she’s worked only for M-G-M, who surrounded her with protective walls. You see, La Grayson says what she thinks. Honesty is her best policy, but sometimes she treads on sensitive tootsies! Well, now that she’s on loanout to Warner. Brothers for “The Desert Song,” she’s having a ball. Katie loves the studio and loves talking to the press without a soft pedal pusher acting as referee. For example, to us she said: “I haven’t dated since my divorce from Johnny Johnston because I fall in love too easily. I’m a two-time loser who’s always a bride—never a bridesmaid! Speaking of Johnny, we’re still very friendly. Whenever he has a joke to tell he calls me long distance—and reverses the charges!” Yes, she’s certainly candid and colorful!

Nosey News: Give a lady time on her hands and what does she do? If she’s Ava Gardner she becomes a blonde. P.S. Frankie likes the old way best! . . . While she was on suspension Shelley Winters learned how to work that camera Vittorio Gassman bought her in Europe. According to Shel, Photoplay’s Hymie Fink had better look to his laurels! . . . They’re looking for someone to replace Lita Baron in her dancing act, which should end those denials that the Rory Calhouns are expecting . . . Hollywood wonders if there is a special reason why Hedy Lamarr prefers patronizing a certain male hairdresser in a certain Beverly Hills hotel . . .

In Case You Care: Fans write in to Esther Williams and John Agar asking if they are related, on account of because they think these two look alike . . . Loretta Young always wears bands on her teeth except when she steps before the camera. On her they add to her beauty . . . Richard Greene is doing better than Kirk Douglas, by dating Rita Hayworth, Mrs. Gary Cooper and Barbara Stanwyck all within forty-eight hours . . . Joan Crawford and Jane Wyman send a good luck. bottle of champagne to each other the first day of starting a new picture . . . When Dorothy Malone reported for a Martin and Lewis picture, her boy friend, Scott Brady, queried: “What have Dean and Jerry got that I haven’t got?” Dotty answered: “A television set!”

Tip to Tourists: Sunday afternoon at the Hollywood Brown Derby is the time to see movie stars. They drop in between radio rehearsals.

People, Places, Things: Leslie Caron was more nervous than when she married him, the night meat-packing heir Georgie Hormel and his trio opened at the Cafe Gala. She not only carried a rabbit’s foot, she ordered B’rer-Rabbit stew for dinner, too! . . . First annual Archbishop’s dinner honoring Auxiliary Bishop Fulton J. Sheen (it cost $125 per plate) again proved the great heart of Hollywood. Fabulous funds went to St. John’s Hospital of Santa Monica . . . According to Corinne Calvet, women who don’t wear girdles are much more popular with men. The French femme fatale may have a point. Then again—she may be stretching it.

Laughing Lady: There’s nothing wrong with Hollywood that a few dozen stars with Lana Turner’s sense of humor couldn’t cure! Someone who likes to start trouble started the rumor that Miss T was teed-off because Fernando Lamas supposedly stole all their scenes in “The Merry Widow.” When she heard about it, Lana had a special set of production stills made up for her South American boy friend. On each still, she had her own face superimposed on his body! Fernando? He thinks thees very funny!

Down Romance Lane: It’s a lady’s privilege to change her mind and the lady who changed hers is Janice (no time for dating) Rule. The gentleman whose obvious attraction changed it? Richard Anderson! . . . Manpower shortage in Hollywood? Not for Debbie Reynolds, who had studio breakfast with Carleton Carpenter, lunch in the Beverly Hills Brown Derby with Craig Hill, a five o’clock hamburger with Bob Arthur and dinner with Robert Wagner at eight! . . . Hugh O’Brian believes in extending the good neighbor policy—when the good neighbor happens to be blonde and beautiful import, Anita Ekberg who is “Miss Sweden” of 1951. With her limited English she calls him “Hug-y—which is exactly the way Anita makes Hugh feel!

Baby Talk: Their friends are really ribbing Mrs. Ronald Reagan! You see, when Nancy Davis asked for her release from M-G-M, it was mainly because she was tired of playing so many pregnant women roles. “When I went out in public,” she muses “people used to cast sly glances in my direction—almost as if they expected me to look pregnant off the screen too!” Well, Nancy didn’t even get a chance to play a non-pregnant role. In real life she and Ronnie are expecting their first baby in December and she thinks it’s the greatest “‘casting” of her career. 

Last Laugh: In these cost-cutting times, Rock Hudson should feel very proud. To go back, originally Director Raoul Walsh had him under personal contract and gave him a small part in “Fighter Squadron.” To be blunt, he was no Marlon Brando! When his contract was terminated, Rock didn’t become bitter. Realizing he had a lot to learn about acting—he worked hard and learned. Recently, Raoul Walsh directed “Gun Hand” for U-I. Rock, who is under contract there, was the leading man. The director was so impressed with his performance that he went to the front office and raved. Result: Rock, out on a personal appearance tour, got a long distance call from his bosses. They wanted him to know they had tripled his salary. It couldn’t happen to a more deserving guy.

Inside Hollywood: After winning an Academy Award, why did Kim Hunter accept such an uninspired role in “Deadline, U.S.A.”? Because she held out for a huge salary—which she got—and thus established herself in a far more lucrative bracket Now another legend goes up the chimney! Ezio Pinza, playing the role of “Chaliapin” in Twentieth Century-Fox’s “Tonight We Sing,” is finally happy in front of the camera. “At M-G-M, I was embarrassed making love to girls young enough to be my daughters,” says the bombastic basso.

Titillating Travelers: Dorothy Lamour is back—and Bing and Bob have her. On the “Road to Bali”—that is. Where there’s Hope—there’s life. With Crosby thrown in for good measure, their set is just about as peaceful as Grand Central Station. Bob started out by making sure that Bing’s name was removed from his chair. It now reads, “Fatso.” Needless to say, Bing saw to it that Bob’s chair was re-lettered. “Needle Nose.” the placard says. Dotty, they refer to as “C.B. Iron Jaw”—because of that role she played in De Mille’s “The Greatest Show on Earth.”

Add Parties: Sunset Strip’s Melody Room staged an “Expectant Fathers’ Night,” invited Humphrey Bogart, Jeffrey Hunter, Jane Powell’s Geary Steffen and Eleanor Parker’s Bert Friedlob.

Photoplay Predicts: That Howard Hawks, who made a star of Monty Clift, will be taking bows for giving Dewey Martin a break in “The Big Sky” . . . That Marilyn Monroe will announce that she’s bored with cheese-cake publicity, wants to be known as a dramatic actress . . . That M-G-M will soon become aware that it has a most versatile actor in Robert Horton, who not only can play villains and leads, but has a personality-packed singing voice which he prefers to keep secret.




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