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IDA LUPINO, delightful star of Warner Brothers’ “Devotion,” chooses, for its simple drama, a one-piece dress with a black wool skirt and a beige crepe top, accented by a leopard belt. A J. L. F. Original at B. Altman, N. Y. C.

FOR EVENINGS at home, Miss Lupino favors black velveteen trousers and a black taffeta tunic striped in silver and embroidered with twinkling green sequins. By Martini Frocks, at Saks-5th Avenue, N.Y. C.

. . . you’ve had a letter saying he will be home soon from the war

. . . or you’re about to step into an exciting new job

. . . or you’re going away to school and have a roommate who is too divine

. . . or you have booked a very special date for the weekend.

For the pattern is always changing. Everyday life starts anew.

It will be just what you make it.

Let your clothes help set the pace—

ONE OF THOSE casual numbers that does things for you. In a Tattersal check, with the new dropped shoulders. Raylaine flannel in white with gold, aqua or green. Around $17. Sizes 9-17.

DANCE OR WORK or study in this two-piece wool flatterer with an interesting new neckline and a gay felt flower corsage. It is called “Flare-Well.” All pastel shades in sizes 9-15. Around $19.95 at Wm. Taylor, Cleveland

A VELVETEEN JUMPER and a lace-trimmed blouse—to make you prettier. Jumper in red, green, brown, wine or black, 9-15. About $6. At Mandel Bros., Chicago. Blouse, 10-16, about $5 at Franklin Simon, N. Y. C.

STRATEGIC as General Ike himself, this Eisenhower battle jacket and skirt of 100% Shetland wool. In black, red or brown. Sizes 10-16. About $29.75. At Saks-34th Street, N. Y. C.

YOU’LL BE SO NICE to go out with—in this 100% wool shorty with its deep pockets, sash belt and wide revers. By McArthur, Ltd. In red, green, beige or nude, 10-20. About $25. At Stern’s, N. Y. C.

THERE’S SOMETHING irresistible about a bow under a young chin. And about this Princeton all-wool Jersey with a loop neckline. A Laure Lee original in all pastel colors. 2-15. Under $13. At tame & Barr, St. Louis.



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