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To Thine Own Self: Right after Marlon Brando’s surprise marriage to Anna Kashfi, I talked to a close friend of the bride, who told me, “Anna should be a perfect wife for Marlon. She has the European approach to marriage that American women don’t have, which...

Louella Parsons’ Good News

Hedy Lamarr’s three children go along on her honeymoon . . . Sonja Henie’s dinner-dance sparkles with jewels . . . disregard Aly-Joan Fontaine rumors . . . your reporter turns actress!...

Report From London: They’re Talking About The Powers

Mr. Charles D. Saxon, Editor, Modern Screen, 261 Fifth Avenue, New York, 16, N. Y.   Dear Mr. Saxon:   Everybody is talking about the future of the Power marriage, but I can’t do a story on it because there just aren’t any solid facts. All I can tell you is what...

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