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Believe it or not, you’ve got a movie-star double! Whether you’re a Georgia belle or a Midwestern miss, there’s a beauty in Hollywood just like you. And whether your size is a neat Petite, a willowy Tall, a pert Junior, an allAmerican Miss, an average Woman’s or shorter Woman’s Half-Size, you’ll find its counterpart in a Hollywood star. And fashion follows through! This winter there’s a bigger-than-ever array of the newest styles designed-to-size: perfectly proportioned to fit your special figure (and to fit your pocketbook as well!) Find your image in the mirrored reflections of the bevy of beauties on these pages. . . then do yourself a big favor and treat yourself to the correct star styles your image wears . . . you’ll find to your delight these star styles are made to flatter you!

Junior-size Lori Nelson (U-I’s “All American”) loves Lassie coat in gorgeous, go-with-everything red wool Botany fleece; roomy, but scaled down for juniors, 7-15, under $50. Connie shoes

Just for juniors (Lori or you)—Dress by Betty Carol of Mr. Mort in Herbert Meyer cotton tweed. Real fur cuffs, detachable. 9-15. $25

Perfect fit for Lori’s junior doubles (under 5 6 with slim, short waist; any age)—Joselli blue or grey tweed suit, black knit collar, matching blouse. 9-15, under $50. Air Step shoes

If you’re petite (under 5‘ 5, small-boned) like lovely Charlotte Austin, your good news is Birchbrook costume suit in Miron cocoa sheer wool, brown poodle. Brief sizes 10-16, under $70

Tiny Charlotte is a traffic stopper in her chic three-piecer: warm coat-jacket, slim skirt, jersey blouse in matched Anglo silver-tip wools. Petites 8-16, $75. By Carl of New York

Tall Sensation, Peggie Castle, (U-A’s “I, the Jury” and “99 River Street”) glimpses chic missy style in suit sized for you, 5’7” up. Grey, beige, black Verdona wool crepe. Van Mour. Talls 10-18, under $75

Coated to a T—for tiny! Fit for Charlotte or you if you wear petite (diminutive or brief) size 8-16. Dark grey chinchilla, fly front, back belt. Carl of New York, under $80. Charlotte’s in 20th’s “How to Marry a Millionaire”

Gloria Swanson models own design—trim for sizes 12-20, 14½ -24½. Wool jersey: navy, purple, grey, beige, red, black. Under $18. By Puritan

Tall Traveler, Peggie Castle, in cashmere-and-wool coat made just for “talls.” Insulated lining. 10-20. Under $65. By Miss Gayle. Natural, grey, navy, red, ice-blue

For the Miss 5‘ 4 to 5‘ 7. Joan’s Main Street storm-coat; reversible alpaca weather cloth; monk’s collar. Blonde, grey. Navy, black. 6-18, 7-15. About $55. with alpaca helmet

Joan Vohs (U-A’s “Vice Squad”) in Spot-Shed velvet suit. Black,, purple. Timme-Tuft pearl-trimmed shortie. Beige, red, ice-blue. Both, Judy Nell, 10-16, 9-15. Under $35 each

Topping view: Misses-size Joan wears Aintree’s “Top Brass” camel-fleece boy-coat. Huge pockets, brass buttons, low-back belt. 6-18. Under $75. Also blue, oxford, red chinchilla. Joan’s in “Crazylegs, All-American”

Glamorous half-size Gloria in another of her creations, two-piece wool suit-dress. Grey, purple, black, blue, navy. 12-20, 14½-24½. Under $20. Gloria Swanson Fashions by Purita



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