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You Read It First In Vintage Paparazzi

Parties: Mike Todd, at his $7,000 party following the “Raintree County” premiere in Louisville, Ky., cautioned the orchestra not to play “Around the World in 80 Days.” “This is her night,” Mike emphasized, nodding toward Liz, “and I want no publicity for myself.” And her, in bright array, looked a dream. But...

Together Again—Shelley Winters & Vittorio Gassman

It was late the night of May 13 when visitors to the Los Angeles airport saw a volatile blonde, bubbling over with happiness, shouting, “Where is the man who looks like the father of my child?” For Shelley Winters, The Big Moment had come. At long...

Louella Parsons’ Good News

Arlene Dahl has a new romance . . . Proper Peter Lawford . . . Rocky Cooper sounds off . . . Martha Hyer’s lost love . . . Doris Day is embarrassed . . . partying pairs...

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