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New Year Eves: “Camping out” in their beautiful new house didn’t prevent the Michael Wildings from planning a gay and gala party to greet the new year. They finally sold their old homestead, completely furnished, “Because,” says Liz, “everything was made to order and wouldn’t fit in any other house.” Until their new stuff is installed, they’re getting by beautifully with a bed, icebox and stove! . . . And Elaine Stewart is house-happy too Tired of apartment life, the brooding brunette spends spare time searching for a “perfect” house to buy. Necessary requisite: spare room to be converted to library for medicine-minded beauty’s research work. . . . Career trouble, it seems, has separated the Tyrone Powers. But Hollywood can’t help remembering that Ty had always encouraged Linda Christian in her desire to continue as an actress—had even planned to produce a picture in which he and Linda would be the co-stars. . . . Back in Hollywood, following unfortunate eviction from Brazilian hotel, Ava Gardner’s Nevada divorce papers are still ready and waiting, but the luscious looker shrugs an indifferent answer to the sixty-four-dollar question. . . . Piper Laurie’s New Year’s present makes a mighty pretty package. Her singing tests for “Third Girl from the Right” are so sex-sational, U-I gave her permission to make commercial recordings!

Behind the Scenes: Here’s an untold story about Bing Crosby that reveals his other side. For his highly dramatic role in “The Country Girl,” there’s a scene where he confesses how he mistreated his wife. The line read, “I lied to her, oh, how I lied!” But in each “take” Bing cried out “I lied to her, oh God how I lied!” Director Seaton. gently explained censorship prevented using the Lord’s name, but Bing got too carried away to remember. Now comes the switch! When the Breen office saw the scene, they were so impressed and, knowing Bing was innocent of disrespect, the scene was okayed and allowed to remain in the picture.

Assembly-Line Romance: Don’t say we told you, but certain local lovelies secretly wish Terry Moore had stayed out on that personal-appearance tour. Her first week back in town, the popular belle had dates with Richard Egan, James Dean and Jacques Sernas. Of course, this was after Senor Dean and Pier Angeli decided their romance wasn’t so romantic. Egan is playing the field and Jacques (he’s the French star of “Helen of Troy”) not only dated Terry on his first night in Hollywood, he had Shelley Winters on his arm the second! Tennis anyone?

Guys and Gags: His studio pals threw a going-away party for Charlton Heston, who plays the bearded Moses in C. B. deMille’s “Ten Commandments.” Among Chuck’s goodbye gifties was a box of—bobby pins! . . . And Rory Calhoun bribed a group of autograph hounds to approach a table where Guy Madison was dining with his new bride. “We’re just mad about you, Scott Brady,’ they squealed. “Ple-ease sign our books!”

Star Boarder: Thoughtful Bob Hope gave a party for his “family” who played in “The Eddie Foy Story.” The kids were invited to the Hope house on a Sunday afternoon and they had a ball. Early Monday morning Bob came down to breakfast. There sat Tommy Duran, age four, the youngest Foy in the picture. “Tommy, why are you still here?” gasped the comedian. Came the nonchalant reply: “Oh, Tony (Bob’s son) invited me to spend a few days.” Dashing out of his huge estate, Bob called back: “I’ll be home at noon to check the other six bedrooms!”

Secret Stuff: Burt Lancaster always gets what he wants and he wants to make a musical. So he’s batting his brains out taking tap and toe work. . . . Out-of-state realtors are trying to find a ranch for a lady named Edyth Marrener. Won’t they get a super-charge when Susan Hayward moves in! . . . And the day isn’t too far away when Audie Murphy will be living on an out-of-state ranch, too. His marriage is running smooth as silk again and one way to keep it that way, the nice guy believes, is to avoid the spotlight of Hollywood attention. He’s got a point.

The Truth Is: Marlon Brando has a deep-rooted inferiority complex, a close friend insists. So those anti-social antics are merely to “cover up.” . . . If the stork’s listening in, John Ericson wants his nibs to know he’d like to get on that waiting list! . . . Ann Blyth’s night-club act (minus sexy suggestiveness) reduced hard-boiled agents to tears, while Las Vegas “characters” rose to their feet and shouted themselves hoarse. . . . John Wayne doesn’t want his sons to act for anyone but his director-friend John Ford. All other offers have been refused. . . . Doris Day and June Allyson finally met for the first time—at the vegetable counter of McDaniel’s Market in Beverly Hills. . . . When Audrey Hepburn married Mel Ferrer in Switzerland, her mother attended both the religious and civil ceremonies, but the Baroness still wasn’t reconciled to her daughter’s new husband.

Cal Wonders: Who Montgomery Clift goes to see when he makes those Sunday trips to—“somewhere in Connecticut.” . . . Why a certain “exclusive” Hollywood set persists in saying Edmund Purdom is a flash in the pan and lacks the necessary requisites for stardom. . . . When Clark Gable and vivacious Kay Williams Spreckles will realize they belong together. During his recent physical checkup, gay Kay kept the “King” amused and happy with her daily hospital visits. . . . Where Barbara Stanwyck finds all that energy. Even when she’s working, she calls friends after midnight and has nice friendly visits with them on the telephone!

Unhappy Ending: Cal hoped, too, that Barbara Rush and Jeff Hunter wouldn’t separate. But the official announcement came from the lady, who repeatedly denied there was serious trouble. Result: Annoyed reporters placed most of the blame on her ambitious shoulders. It’s true Jeff occupied the number-one spotlight when they married. Then Barbara zoomed to stardom while some of her husband’s roles at 20th weren’t worthy of his talent. In time, friends insist, however, constant separation by work and periodic personality clashes caused the breach. One thing’s for sure: Two-year-old Christopher will always be a strong bond between them—even if they don’t get back together.

Things To Come: The deal’s all set but very hush-hush. Howard Hughes borrowed Marla English from Paramount for twenty weeks. She gets her big break at RKO in “Pilate’s Wife.” . . . And remember you read it here first. When director William Wellman brings his own fabulous life story to the screen, Tab Hunter is his number-one choice for the starring role. . . . And when, and if, June Haver returns to the screen, she’ll co-star with Fred MacMurray, her real-life Romeo. They’re so happy together, they don’t want to be separated by work. . . . Fans of Grace Kelly and Bing Crosby are in for a surprise when they see “Country Girl.” Both do a switch on their usual style for this one.

Hollywood Highlights: Debra Paget’s dad, in a yachting cap, drives on the lot (he used to be a painter there) in her lavender Cadillac to pick up her pay check. And Debbie, now twenty-one, picked up $16,500 worth of bonds impounded by a court order while she was a working minor. . . . But Jimmy Stewart can’t even give away a Cadillac, to his wife, that is! She was delighted with her birthday present, but Gloria still persuaded Jimmy to exchange it for a smaller model.

Cheesecake Blues: When she posed for a national magazine cover, Audrey Hepburn thought the photographer was cutting from her waistline up. When she saw the full-length shot they used, Audrey was so dismayed she ordered all leg-art out from now on.

Here, There, Everywhere: When thrilled Judy Garland announced the stork was due again in April, Warners sent the expected baby a 16-millimeter print of “A Star Is Born.” . . . And while we’re in the nursery, just as Eve Arden predicted, “Our Miss Brooks” had a nine-pound son to please her three adopted children. . . . Jean Peters ended retirement rumors by returning to Hollywood for “A Man Called Peter.” And did you know that a man called Stuart Cramer, the 3rd, has a Blue Book family background covering more pages than his wife’s scrapbook!




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