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That’s Hollywood For You

I admire Bob Mitchum’s performance in the “Blood Alley” hassle because he didn’t blow a whistle. . . . The hardest gal in pictures to figure out is Leslie Caron. . . . Did you know there’s more smootching in drive-in theatres during a Grace...

That’s Hollywood For You

I’m betting Marilyn Monroe will be even more popular as Mrs. DiMaggio. Males will like her as always, and now more fe- males will because she’s safely hitched. Tony Curtis has a chance to be a movie star with the old-time glamour. Can’t understand why...

This Is The Truth

RUMOR: “Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio planned their wedding for last summer—but the fear of publicity kept them from tying the knot. . . .” FACT: Nothing to it! Marilyn, who has never known security in her life, was afraid of what marriage might do to her...

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