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Sally Forrest appears in M-G-M’s “Mystery Street”: Barbara Britton in United Artists’ “Champagne for Caesar”: Vera-Ellen in M-G-M’s “Three Little Words”

Sally Forrest, above, shines in a one-piece elasticized satin suit with softly shirred front. Self-ruffles trim the bodice. Wear it strapped or strapless. $12.95 by Rose Marie Reid, sizes 10-18. At Crowley, Milner, Detroit, Mich., and Sanger Brothers, Dallas, Tex.

For the feminine approach, Barbara Britton’s elasticized plissé suit, above, in new ripple fabric, with panel front, shirred bodice. There’s a detachable halter strap. Sizes 32-38, $8.95. Sea Nymph by Jordan. At Gilchrist’s, Boston, Mass.; Forman’s, Rochester, N. Y.; Hecht’s, Washington, D. C.

Be a sea-siren in the water-repellent rayon velvet suit worn by Vera-Ellen (above), with shirred diamond front panel, elasticized back. Shoestring ties are removable. $10.95 by Brilliant, sizes 32-38. At Franklin Simon, New York, N. Y. Terry cloth beach bag by Kleinert.

Cause a rustle at the beach in the lightweight elastic nylon taffeta suit worn by Sally Forrest, above. Front is shirred. For swimming, a halter shoestring tie. $14.95 by Mabs of Hollywood, sizes 32-38, at F. & R. Lazarus Co., Columbus, O., and Stix, Baer, Fuller, St. Louis, Mo.



ANN BLYTH, Universal-International star, in Samuel Goldwyn’s “Our Very Own” wears the original bathing suit by Mary Wills

Saucy for the sea is this dressmaker two-piece bathing suit with the novelty button trim. Unpressed pleats give the skirt, with side fastening, its flare. Beneath, are brief pants. Well-fitting bra has diagonal tucking. Make it an ensemble with the extra drawstring jacket (see sketch). Fluegelman’s sanforized and colorfast pin point pique is your fabric answer. You’ll be enchanted with the wide color range. Bright accent for your sun accessories—Kleinert’s beach bag



A beau-catcher is this bow bra suit of nyloskin lastex worn by Barbara Britton, with zipper back. There’s a detachable strap for swimming. In solid colors with contrast color on inside of bow. Sizes 32-38, $14.95 by Catalina. At Younker-Davidson, Sioux City, Iowa; May Co., Baltimore, Md.; Davidson’s, Miami Beach, Fla.

Pertly provocative is this lastex swimsuit of Sea-n-Sun’s plissé fabric worn by Vera-Ellen, with cuffed bra top and cuffed bottom. Front is completely shirred. Back is zippered. Straps are detachable. Sizes 32-38, $8.95 by Shepherd. At Oppenheim Collins, New York, N. Y., and Shillito’s, Cincinnati, O.



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