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You can make your own modern adaptation of the lovely costume Cyd Charisse wears in M-G-M’s “Brigadoon.” Designed as separates, the blouse and skirt are easy to sew and, you’ll find, just as easy to wear. We made them in Security Mill’s matching coral wool jersey. Advance Pattern provides for a self-belt, we added a black velvet belt to Coordinate with bib of jet beads. Three 60 ropes of beads, Rose Sweet. $2 each. Suede gloves, Alexette Bacmo, $5.95. Pattern available at local dealers or may be ordered by mail through coupon below. Pattern sizes are 10-16.

The all-around coat . . . in Stroock’s camel hair, is Nancy Olson’s choice to take her from the first cool days of fall through early spring. Perfect for town wear, suburban living or after-dark dates. It’s ideal cover for any suit and dress! The sleeves are full and deeply cuffed, the tailored cardigan neckline, softly stitched to give a collar effect. 8-16. Also in navy. By Ronnette. $119. Beige chiffon scarf, by Symphony, $3. Camel hair bag, by Coronet, about $12.95

The beautiful brightness of Fall cotton . . new and exciting, wonderfully washable! Sally Forrest models a full-skirted coat-dress style, gaily splat| tered with tiny flowers and delicately outlined with crisp white rickrack. Front is boldly punctuated with a steady line of white buttons. White print on red, also white on black. For after-dark glamour, unbutton the last few buttons and show a pretty can-can petticoat underneath, By Lanz Originals. In sizes 7-17. About .$25

The little boy look in shirt and shorts . . . Phyllis Kirk enjoys the casual comfort of classic Bermuda shorts, which for fall and winter wear, are made of Anglo’s 100% wool in brown speckled tweed, are luxuriously lined for extra comfort. With them, Phyllis wears wool knee socks. Shorts also in black and white tweed. Perfect mate is an all-wool black jersey shirt, Shorts, $22.75. Blouse, $15. 10-16. Both by Cabana. Sandler of Boston Shoes, $8.95

The always-perfect knit dress . . . is a fall favorite with Nancy Olson who chooses a one-piece wool chenille shirtwaist style, competently tailored to take any occasion in its stride. Its easily adaptable neckline can be worn buttonhigh and simple or, open and dressed with a favorite pin or pearls. The sleeves stop comfortably just below the elbow. Black and beige, charcoal and navy. 10-16. By Rita Jacobs for Joseph Guttman. $39.95

The flattering fullness of the princess look . . . for dancing after dark and very special dates. Sally Forrest, looking like a dream, wears a black and white empire dress of cotton, with softly rounded neckline met halfway by twin curves of velvet. Velvet accentuates a young and tiny waist line that flares gracefully into a full waltz-length skirt. For standout fullness of the skirt, wear stiff petticoats. 7-15. By Mr. Mort. $35



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