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Around Town: Marilyn Monroe’s frantic hand-wringing before each scene of “Some Like It Hot” left a trademark behind. The younger set now greet each other with a wild wringing of their own hands. Looks so Oriental somehow. . . . Loved Marilyn’s retort to the reporter who wondered why her playwright husband, Arthur Miller, never visited her set while the company worked in Hollywood. “Why should he?” asked Marilyn. “I don’t look over his shoulder when he writes.” Touché. . . . Audie Murphy is delighted with the work of Joan Evans in his movie “No Name on the Bullet.” When Audie makes the plunge into sophisticated comedy in “The Kissing Game,” he hopes Joan will be with him. . . . Bing Crosby’s lament to a friend; “I wish my boys would get interested in some nice secretaries in town and stay out of Las Vegas.” . . . Gary Crosby calls Pat Boone“The Preacher.” Pat couldn’t care less. . . . Lawrence Welk, who took over his new job of Honorary Mayor of Hollywood, claims polka lessons will not be mandatory. . . . Private Ben Cooper, who accidentally shot himself in the leg at Fort Ord, took a lot of ribbing from his pals in Hollywood. They claimed he practically left our country defenseless. . . . If Stuart Whitman doesn’t get a haircut before Christmas, his wife threatens to string his locks with popcorn. . . . Leslie Caron named the new arrival Jennifer. This is the second heir for Leslie and Peter Hall. . . . No fanfare took place when John Wayne’s oldest son Michael (22) wed Gretchen Deibel (21), his child- hood sweetheart. But the lid blew off when John announced his separation from wife Pilar, who in a moment of anger said she was through with living alone while hubby picture-made around the world. But by nightfall they were back together again. . . . Dart Ward’s recording of “Misery” has put this teenager on top.

I Predict . . .

Tab Hunter will be the next rave star, rumors fly. His work in “Damn Yankees” and with Gary Cooper in “They Came to Cordura” is now the talk of the town. Tab has it made. If, that is, he relaxes and trusts the judgment of others. . . . I predict a breach between Rick Nelson and his father, Ozzie. It almost happened when Ozzieregistered Rick for the fall semester at U.S.C. against his son’s wishes and without his knowledge. Rick may decide to move in with brother David, who has bachelor diggings of his own. It’s not that sympathy isn’t with Ozzie, it’s just the way he goes about it. Even a young colt can’t be dragged to water if he’s a mind to go thirsty. . . . I predict Kim Novak will forsake the fancy-pants home given her by Columbia and move back to a small apartment. The heavy upkeep, taxes and maintenance have Kim yipping the blues. And while Kim may be light-headed when it comes to romance, she’s heavy-handed when it comes to finances. . . .

Purely Personal

My confusion over Bob Wagner’s disguised voice on the telephone—“This is ze boy friend”—had Bob in hysterics. But the invitation to dinner that followed delighted me. Bob and Nat showed me some of the sneak preview audiencecards for “The Perfect Furlough,” which they made for U.I. The audience wrote more raves for this comedy than any press agent could have dared. Watch for it in January. . . . Brigitte Bardot says, of marrying short, stocky Sacha Distel, her guitar teacher: “I needed a man around the house.” Incidentally, before B. B., Sacha’s steady date was Juliette Greco, Darryl Zanuck’s Gallic protege. She taught Sacha to sing, then said he was too young. . . . Diana Lynn outshone all other stars at Jean Stein’s engagement party. In a short, perky green satin frock, her short blond hair un- curled, Diana was a knockout and looked anything but the mother of a young son. Mortimer Hall, her husband, seems mighty proud of his “fair Diana,” as well he should. . . .I’d like to wager John Saxon emerges from his role of a toughie in “Cry Tough” with a whole new personality and a new evaluation from Hollywood. He couldn’t go through all that wild fracas and remain the same. . . . It’s all over between Ava Gardner and Walter Chiari. . . . Kay Kendall started a new fashion fad in London, wearing tailored silk slacks and a brocade jacket to a formal dinner party. . . . The young individualists meet at Aware Inn, an unpretentious Sunset Boulevard spot that features chemical-free, organically grown meat and vegetables. At a table by herself, (next to Mark Damon’s) you can often spot that individualist of long standing, Greta Garbo.

TV Jottings

Ty Hardin, happily wedded to actress Andra Martin, sent up a prolonged howl when a press agent’s advice delayed his marriage. The well-meaning agent feared marriage would interfere with Ty’s popularity as Clint Walker’s alternate on the “Cheyenne” series. Incidentally, those rumors of Clint winning “everything” in his sit-down strike against Warners studio are a mite exaggerated. Old “thunder voice” was just as glad to be back as Warners were to have him. . . . George Gobel moans he’ll never find another “Alice” like Jeff Donnell, who moved to New York with her new husband, John L. Brinker. He probably won’t, either. . . . It was another boy, their second for Robert Sterling and Ann Jeffreys. But this one, they claim, is a real “Topper.” .. . Fans of Annette Funicello of Disney’s “Mickey Mouse Club” were startled to see her, in her first film “The Shaggy Dog,” with her straightened black curls, silk dresses and high heels. Annette looked all “growed up.” . . . Buddy Bregman, whom Anna Maria Alberghetti joves very much, is directing Eddie Fisher’s TV show . . . Jim Garner loved his homecoming day at Norma. Oklahoma—except that all those dozens of cousins are turning up on the “Maverick” set to visit a spell. . . . If Joanna Moore isn’t the most beautiful actress on TV, I’ll just sit here and wait until a lovelier one comes along. And what’s more, lovely Joanna can act. Too.

Strictly Inside

Sympathy goes out to Deborah Kerr in the loneliness of her Pacific Palisades home. All around her are reminders of the two little girls she loved and to whom she gave endless care and devotion—as well as physical comforts from her own income. Close friends who see Deborah on occasion report her hopes are high in the suit to regain the daughters placed in the custody of the British Crown by her estranged husband, Tony Bartley. Her love for Peter Viertel and his for her seems genuine, and the two have definite plans for marriage after their respective divorces go through. . . . Rory Calhoun claims that the movies are now in the hands of the “Big Ten,” a handful of actors whose names alone guarantee financial backing from the bankers. Cary Grant, a member of the Ten,” announced that Ingrid Bergman is the only woman on the list. Bill Holden, Gary Cooper, Jimmy Stewart, John Wayne, Cary Grant, Gregory Peck, Clark Gable, Yul Brynner are on the list. How does this compare with your own list of favorites?


The Crosby boys hold the spotlight. Philip left school to marry Las Vegas showgirl Sandra Drummond. His twin, Dennis, adopting the son of wife Pat Sheehan by a former marriage, plans to make Bing a grandpa in late winter. Lindsay, after a hassle with the police. was gently brushed off by actress June Blair. Gary, who signed a five-year contract with Twentieth, continues to play the field. . . . The Joanne Woodward-Paul Newman heir has a name awaiting its arrival. Joshua if it’s a boy. Quentin for a girl. . . . It was a City Hall wedding for Leslie Nielsen and bride Sandy Ullman, former M-G-M secretary. . . . Pier Angeli and Vic Damone have reached the end of their rope. Upon it will dangle the remains of their once happy marriage. . . .Barry Sullivan’s “ten-minute” marriage to Gita Hall, before asking for divorce, marks a record even for Hollywood, where marriage and divorce can be lightning swift. . . . Curt Jurgens’ marriage to French Simone Bicheron leaves a trail of broken reams in movietown, where Curt was Mr. Eligible No. One. . . . Doris Daymuch happier with son Terry attending school at home. That separation, with Terry last year enrolled in an Eastern school, was too much for mamma Day, who can’t bear separations. . . . Cheryl Crane, attending Beverly Hills High School, seems happily adjusted. Her-schoolmates, used to celebrities, make no problems for their headlined classmate. . . . Gene Tierney, absent three years due to nervous disorders, heartily welcomed back to movies. Gene’s first movie rumored to be “The Young Know Best.” . . . Elvis Presley signed to make a movie for Twentieth upon his return from Germany and the Army. They’re willing to give Elvis 50 percent of the profits and a salary of $200,000. And Elvis is willing to take it.

News From the Sets

Audrey Hepburn became so attached to “Ip,” the tiny seven-inch-high baby fawn who played a part in “Green Mansions,” she all but wept when the picture was over. . . . It was a happy day when Maria Tumbal, the real “Sister Luke” of “The Nun’s Story,” visited the “Green Mansions” set. Audrey had met Miss Tumbal while making the film in Italy. . . . Cara Williams’ constant presence on “The Night of the Quarter Moon” set, to give advice to her husband, John Drew Barrymore, didn’t sit too well with the director. After the praise for her performance in “The Defiant Ones,” Cara has become an authority on acting, it seems. . . . Monty Cliftbombarded Myrna Loy with post cards from all over Europe during his recent trip. The two became fast friends during the making of “Miss Lonelyhearts.” . . . Debbie Reynolds is carrying on with her film, “The Mating Game,” chin high, spirits up. Six short months before, Liz Taylor valiantly carried on with her work at the same studio in “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.” Two girls curiously related and involved with heartache.

On The Rocks

It’s Hollywood’s newest cocktail, this marriage-on-the-rocks, Mamie Van Doren and band leader Ray Anthony, for instance, parted. But they’ll play husband and wife in M-G-M’s “The Beat Generation.” . . . Gwen Dailey, the ex-Mrs. Donald O’Connor, flounced out of husband Dan Dailey’s life with threats of divorce. But then these two have been bickering and making up for years. . . . Annabella, Tyrone Power’s ex, gave Debbie Power, his current wife, a leopard-skin raincoat. . . . Diane Varsi, I’m happy to say, joined the human race after her divorce from John Dickson. Diane came down from her hillside retreat with a more friendly attitude. . . . Mrs. Forrest Tucker called it a day while Forrest was touring the country with “The Music Man.” Their marriage didn’t make very good music, according to Marilyn Tucker. . . . Singer Peggy Lee, who had been ill for some time, decided to shed husband Dewey Martin and began recovering immediately. . . . Guy Madison and his wife Sheila had agreed on a trial separation. After four years of marriage and three children, Guy says, “I’m sure it won’t be final. There is no thought of divorce. The problem is a personal one. I think perhaps when a girl has three babies in rapid succession, it leaves her a little tired and depressed.”

Party of the Month

The huge tent, erected in the parking lot adjoining Romanoff’s restaurant in Beverly Hills, was something out of the Arabian Nights, with its glittering chandeliers, man-sized silver vases of white blooms, mirrored entranceway and beautifully laid tables. Gregory Peck, delighted with the success of his movie, “The Big Country,” hosted the affair as a celebration of sorts. Unfortunately, Gregory was too busy at his own table to greet the guests, but pert Jean Simmons, with Stewart Granger, was on hand to greet Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh, recovering from her second auto accident within the month, Dinah Shore and George Montgomery, Esther Williams with Jeff Chandler, Dorothy Malone and Jacques Bergerac, Kay and Clark Gable, Cary and Betsy Grant. . . . Paul Newman brought his mother, a visitor from the East. Paul explained that his wife, Joanne Woodward, who is expecting her first baby, was home feeling “woozy.” . . . Audrey Hepburn stood out like a princess in her knee length bell-shaped cream satin frock, topped by a diamond tiara and set off with slippers made entirely of rhinestones. A dream waltzing with her husband Mel Ferrer.

Cal York Jottings

Kim Novak has a singing coach and may soon record an album of ballads. Kim, who’s dating Mac Krimagain, confesses that, to her, a shampoo is a marathon. “I always cut and wash my own hair and it takes about all day,” she says. “I have to lighten it and then put the blue stuff on.” . . . Wanda Hendrix’s husband is suing for divorce. . . . Tony Perkins clips things from newspapers and magazines and pastes them on a board in his “Green Mansions” dressing room. “They’re things I like,” he says, “and I keep changing them.” . . . Dolores Hart, in New York to appear in the play, “The Pleasure of His Company,” moans she hasn’t a friend in the big city. She took her canary, Hankie, along for company. . . . Pier Angeli will baby-sit with the Marlon Brando heir while mama Anna Kashfi films “Night of the Quarter Moon.” Wonder how come Marlon hasn’t visited the set? . . . It was James MacArthur’s decision that his fiancee, Joyce Bulifant, return to the States with his mother, Helen Hayes. Jimmy’s making “Third Man on the Mountain” in Switzerland, but he insists it wouldn’t be “proper” for Joyce to remain without a chaperon.



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