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DORIS DAY looks at life through rose-colored glasses. And why not? One of Hollywood’s happiest actresses, Dodo cheerfully admits she has everything she wants. With “Calamity Jane” recently finished, Dodo’s next is aptly titled “Lucky Me”


She dropped the twinkling-toes routine that bewitched movie audiences in “Call Me Madam” and played it straight in “Big Leaguer.” But happily it isn’t for keeps; she’ll be on her toes again in “‘White Christmas” with Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye as co-stars. The tiny-waisted actress continues to confuse Hollywood matchmakers by refusing to settle down with any of her many beaus. Although one and all admit they’d be most happy to dance—to the altar with Vera-Ellen


Filmtown’s actor-director-choreographer is back once again enlivening the Hollywood scene after spending almost two years in Europe where he made“Invitation to the Dance.” Rumor had a field day when Betsy left Gene to work on a film in Paris and returned to Hollywood alone. But rumor was wrong—for Gene and Betsy picked up where they left off in Europe. Now Gene’s flying feet are busily occupied whirling through dance sequences for the movie version of “Brigadoon”

JEAN SIMMONS and STEWART GRANGER present a united front to the gossips who insist on separating them. Stewart, who’s in “All the Brothers Were Valiant,” is justly proud of Jean’s big hit in “The Robe.” However, work is parting them while Stewart’s in England for the filming of “Beau Brummel”

ARLENE DAHL and FERNANDO LAMAS didn’t flick an eyelash—except at each other—when insiders, realizing Fernando’s divorce became final in October, wondered out loud if they’d follow Lana and Lex to the altar! Arlene and Fernando are making real screen love together in “The Diamond Queen”

RORY CALHOUN isn’t cleaning his gun because he’s mad at anybody. He’s never had it so good. He’s been spending his working days surrounded by no less a trio than Marilyn Monroe, Betty Grable and Lauren Bacall making “How to Marry a Millionaire.” But his spare time he spends hunting with his cronies

ESTHER WILLIAMS doesn’t look any more like the mother of three now than she did when she first arrived in Hollywood a dozen years ago. But a lot of water has passed under the bridge since then, and Es has splashed around in most of it, with the cameras grinding away on such hits as her latest, “Easy to Love”

VIRGINIA MAYO knew better than to kid husband Mike when he announced last June that he was going to expectant fathers’ school. For whatever Mike wants or does is okay with Ginny, who willingly admits that Mr. O’Shea is head man in their ranch home. Ginny’s last picture, BB (before baby) was “Devil’s Canyon”



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