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Sweethearts in Sweaters


Who made us love the sweater? Hollywood sweater-girls! What’s fashion’s newest love? The sweater-look—brand-new knitted clothes. On Valentine’s Day and every date, be his sweetheart in a love of a sweater-fashion!

LONG-STEMMED roses for a sweetheart in an exciting sweater-dress and jacket! Svelte Lisa Ferraday says, “Thees sweataire-look, it is vairy continental!” as she opens box of roses from her escort of the evening. She will take off the jacket for dancing, to reveal an enchanting, off theshoulder dress with a ribbed, softly flared skirt. Lass o’ Scotland, in pebbly wool chenille. 10-18. Under $40. Lisa pins her Photoplay Star to glove cuff

SWEET SWEATER-GIRL Ava Norring is a delightful date in any outfit, sensational in a scoop-neck, jewel-encrusted evening sweater by Rosanna. “I love its new look of elegance,” she tells the lucky man with whom she’s tete-a-teting ina “small cafe.” Ava wears the gay. white wool top (32-38, under $15) with a brown, quilted nylon McArthur skirt. 10-18. Under $10. She clips her Star to her ring. Lisa and Ava are both in 20th’s “The Snows of Kilimanjaro”

“SWEATER-SEPARATES are great for outdoor dates!” Ava says as she and her dog, Napsu, greet a friend for a strolling date in the park. Ava is natty and warm in Jantzen’s oxford gray Khara-fleece skirt, long-sleeved turtleneck sweater, sleeveless green vest. Star’s on collar of Jubilee white alpaca coat. Skirt, 10-18, under $12; sweater, vest, 32-40, each, under $9. Coat, 10-18, $30

“MOVIE STARS have movie dates, too!” the girls laugh as they are “caught in the act” of being escorted to the exciting, three-dimension “Cinerama” film. And both look very chic in the new, dressed-up sweater mood! Lisa’s pale blue Wyner jersey ensemble couples a petal-appliqued strapless dress with a daytime jacket (Minx Modes, 7-15, about $35). Ava’s chic navy Fashion Towne suit in the same wool jersey is slim, fitted, piped in chartreuse. 10-18. Under $50. See their Photoplay Stars?

Starring the Sweater Look


THE STARS’ LAST WORD on the new sweater-look: “It’s Hollywood-glamorous!” Here, lovely Lisa proves the versatility of knitted fashions with exciting sweater separates that can be dressed up or down. Lisa is the perfect hostess when she entertains at home in a dramatic, barberpole-striped drawstring skirt and lovely white, pebble-stitch knitted blouse. Both, by Goldworm, are chic when accessorized Lisa’s way with dramatic gold jewelry—and each looks just as well in a casual, sporty mood or worn with different skirts or blouses. Top, 32-38, under $8; skirt, S-M-L, under $17. Her Star is clipped to bracelet



SO EASY TO SEW! Now you can have for your very own an exact replica of the exciting new spring suit designed for Doris Day by Leah Rhodes to wear in her new spring movie, Warners’ “April in Paris.” At right, Doris poses in the smart tweed suit with slim, pocketed skirt and easy-shoulder, cutaway jacket. With it, she wears a simple blouse of wool jersey, with pique collar and cuffs to match the jacket’s cuffs. Above, your exclusive sneak preview of Doris Day wearing the ensemble in the movie. Make it in sizes 10-20 in the same beautiful fabric, a California herringbone wool, in tan like hers; or wine, brown, gray or blue, about 54 inches wide, approximately $5 a yard. Size 14 takes only 2 7/8 yards for the suit and 1¼ yards of 39-inch jersey for the blouse



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