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Stork Derby: Debbie Reynolds, who had to finish “Tammy” at U-I and “Bundle of Joy” at RKO while she still was “photographic,” was watched over carefully by Eddie Fisher. When cooperative Deb wanted to give up her Sundays for publicity pictures and interviews, that did it! Eddie turned off the phone, placed a “do not disturb” sign on the front door, and insisted that his little mother-to-be have complete rest and quiet. . . . Stewart Granger may be on film location in Europe when Tracey (“Whether it’s a boy or a girl!”) is born in Hollywood. In the meantime, Jean Simmons’ doctors wouldn’t allow her to take a trip to New Mexico, where the Grangers now own a hundred and two acres of land. Therefore, Stewart took movies of their T4J cattle ranch so Jean could see what their future home looks like.

Switcheroos: Susan Hayward lost out in Hollywood’s Oscar derby, but won the best actress award at the Cannes Film Festival. When she cabled the happy news to her Hollywood pals, she signed the messages Susan Magnani! . . . For once Hollywood didn’t wait until it was too late to pay tribute, this time to Jean Hersholt. The town held a dinner in honor of “the man who has done so much for our great industry” just a few weeks before he took his final bow.

Hee-haws: Anita Ekberg, on her way to Europe to marry Anthony Steel, told off New York photographers. “You wait until I lean a certain way, and then you snap too much.” The lensmen replied: “Only because you have too much to snap at, Anita!” Apparently, Italian cameramen felt the same way, for a few days later, Anita and Tony’s wedding caused a near riot in the normally peaceful city of Florence. . . . Ann Sheridan gave the set of “The Opposite Sex” cause to laugh when she presented a birthday cake to Ann Miller. On it was inscribed in frosted letters: “Twenty- seven my foot!” Only it didn’t say foot! . . . During an interview, Jeff Chandler was asked if he takes acting lessons, “Yes, I do,” Jeff dead-panned. “I watch Bill Holden and James Dean on the screen!”

Hollywood Salutes: Rock Hudson, John Kerr and Dick Davalos. They actually were close friends of James Dean, but out of respect for his memory and love of privacy, they have refused to author stories about the late star. . . . Ann Blyth, who developed laryngitis at the last minute and couldn’t sing at a benefit. But she still insisted on appearing and giving ticket holders a good look at her pretty face. . . . Mrs. Clark Gable, who refused to play a part in the King’s next picture “A King and Four Queens.” Why? “Because,” laughs the beautiful Kay, “I have no talent!”

The Facts Ma’am: Contrary to reports Marilyn Monroe didn’t move out on her good friends, the Milton Greenes. I But she did move in with her coach, Paula Strasberg. The Greenes have a little boy. and sometimes little boys I make big noises. Marilyn adores little Joshua hut her doctor ordered more rest and quiet, so she had to make the temporary move.

Date With Fate: James Dean’s sudden death right after finishing “Giant” was a great shock to Elizabeth Taylor, who had worked with him. So you can imagine how she felt when Montgomery Clift, who plays opposite her in “Raintree County,” crashed into a power pole and suffered serious head injuries and a broken nose. The accident occurred after a dinner party at the Michael Wildings, on the steep, winding road leading from their Benedict Canyon home. Riding in the ambulance with Monty. Liz prayed hard the whole way. Later, she was relieved to learn he won’t be scarred for life.

Here And There: Shirley Jones hopes Hollywood will call her back for a strong dramatic role. She’s preparing for it by studying with coach Marty Welch. . . . Hollywood did its share of wondering about whether Frank Sinatra would walk out on “The Pride and the Passion.” being filmed in Spain. The rumor still persists that Frank is unhappy because co-star Cary Grant has a better deal. . . . New-mother Janet Leigh had to render first aid to Tony Curtis. “Not because of my delicate condition,” Janet explained “Tony’s brother Bobby was making his debut with Jose Ferrer in ‘The Great Man,’ and Tony went to pieces.” Bobby (he changed his name to Robert Reed) came through with flying colors!

Lovers Knot: Natalie Wood got the surprise of her sweet young life when she returned from her Hawaiian vacation. Scott Marlowe flew to San Francisco and was waiting with open arms when Nat’s boat docked. Since meeting six months ago, this inseparable pair disagrees on only one subject- publicity. Scott refuses to cash in on Nat’s name, which is why you seldom see them photographed together.

Wedding Belles: Before five hundred pairs of eyes, John Wayne gave his daughter, Mary Antonia, in marriage at the Blessed Sacrament Church. At the reception held in the Beverly Hills Hotel, few people knew that Duke had special men guarding the costly display of wedding gifts which filled an entire room! . . . Dana Wynter must know the secret word! Unlike Lana Turner, Joan Crawford, Dorothy Lamour, Ginger Rogers, Jane Wyman and Ann Sheridan—to name a few— who once were wooed by Greg Bautzer, the popular, handsome attorney proposed to Dana! She’ll give up her career, she says, when they marry—-which is bound to bring loud protests from 20th. who has her under contract.

According To Rumor: Sal Mineo turned down a straight fifteen-year contract at M-G-M, and you can’t hardly get that kind in Hollywood any more! . . . The Ray Dantons are ecstatically happy over their good news. Julie Adams is taking time off until she has her first j baby in November, but she plans to resume her career after she and Ray become parents. . . . M-G-M is convinced that Grace Kelly won’t return to make “Designing Woman.” The studio would welcome Audrey Hepburn who owes them a picture, as a happy replacement. Co-star James Stewart echoes their sentiments! . . . Mitzi Gaynor must be slipping. She and Jack Bean will celebrate their second wedding anniversary in a few months and, 10 date, no one has ever printed that they’re going to have a baby!

Storm Warnings: The heart trouble that hospitalized Jerry Lewis and the sudden death of beloved Louis Calhern shocked Hollywood actors into having immediate medical check-ups. From now on they plan to lower the boom on those exhausting work schedules. . . . A good way to get clobbered is to mention Rook Hudson’s so-called marital problems. “For five years,” says Rock grimly, “the gossips tried to force me into marriage. And now after a few happy months they’re trying to split us up. Tongues first started to wag when Rock walked out of a night spot and left Phyllis at a table with friends. “I had an early morning call,” Rock explains, “but there was no reason why Phyllis’ fun had to be spoiled, too!”

Hail And Farewell: Jacques Sernas, disappointed because of lack of work, decided to return to Europe. Confident that he’d lost his French accent, Jacques tested for “Tammy,” opposite Debbie Reynolds. But alas, Leslie Nielsen got the role. Discouraged Jacques loves Hollywood, but there are no jobs for him. He’ll continue to perfect his English, and we predict Hollywood will eventually bring him back—at double his salary!

Riding High: Tab Hunter rode his own horse in “The Burning Hills,” and it was a proud moment when he collected “Swizzlestick’s” paycheck. “Swizz earned seven hundred and forty dollars, and that ain’t hay,” beams Tab, “but it will be!” When he started “The Girl He Left Behind,” the studio tried to talk Tab out of wearing a close-cropped haircut. “But if I’m playing a GI, I should look like a GI,” Tab protested. “Your fans won’t like it,” said the studio. “But the Army will!” replied Tab—and he stuck to his guns.

Perfectionists: There’s a reason why top people are tops. Take for example Marlon Brando, who learned a speech in Japanese for a local press conference in Japan. The rest of the cast of “Tea-house of the August Moon” just stood around with that well-known egg on their faces! . . And Audrey Hepburn, making “Funny Face” with Fred Astaire, begged him to rehearse their musical numbers on a Sunday. “I’ve never danced for the camera before” explained little Audrey, “and when you dance with the master, the most you can hope for is to come off looking second best!” Fred says she has exactly nothing to worry about.

Most Wanted Man: Ask any Hollywood hostess and she’ll tell you that Bob Wagner is the best-mannered male guest at a party. Nancy Sinatra hostessed an evening of fun recently and she invited Bob, who without being asked, served drinks and saw that everyone was comfortable and happy. The next day, Nancy received a note of thanks and ten dozen red carnations. What a welcome relief from the dungaree-sweat shirt type!

Star Dust: Van Johnson, who always eats his lunch in his dressing room, is Hollywood’s number one fan. At U-I, making “Kelly and Me,” Van heard that Jimmy Cagney was in the commissary and rushed over to meet his screen idol. When they were introduced Van charmingly dropped to his knees and salaamed the “master.” Tough guy Cagney actually blushed as he grinned his appreciation.

The Great Healer: Time takes care of everything. After the Barbara Stanwyck-Robert Taylor marriage backfired, the mere mention of his name upset her. But recently, when she made a movie at M-G-M, Barbara laughed all through lunch with Bob, in the studio commissary. . . . About this time last year, when Dewey Martin was in the Virgin Islands making “The Proud and Profane,” he whispered sweet nothings to Bill Holden’s eighteen-year-old daughter, Virginia. Now Dewey’s married to the sultry singer, thirty-three-year-old Peggy Lee Permission granted to write your own comment!



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