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ABOUT THE FACT that Terry Moore remains high on all fan polls, yet she can’t get a picture bid in Hollywood, leaving some newspaper people wondering if they didn’t unjustly cost her her career. . . . About the irony of the Ed Purdom story. When Ed and his family were starving and living on top of a garage, everything went well with the family; now with success and top billing, Ed’s confused and ill and family relations are not what they ought to be. . . . About the possibility that Eddie Fisher might become both a movie star and an engaged man. Rumors have it that there are some mighty good film offers being made to Eddie who’s waiting for the “right” one. And it seems no longer a rumor that Eddie and Debbie Reynolds are in love. The question is just how soon they plan to announce their announcement that they are engaged to be engaged. . . . About the surprise break-up of the marriage of Jeff Hunter and Barbara Rush soon after Barbara returned from Ireland where she made “Captain Lightfoot,” with Barbara making the announcement and Jeff moving into a Westwood apartment.

About when and where John Wayne and Pilar Palette will get the knot tied, with the betting that it will be before the turn of the year. . . . And Mari Blanchard’s apparent break with the bachelor-minded Greg Bautzer, with the handsome film barrister promptly switching to Carol Haney, a honey from the cast of “Pajama Game.” . . . About Vera-Ellen’s quickie to Europe in the wake of Carlos Thompson, who journeyed to Munich to play opposite Yvonne DeCarlo in “Magic Fire,” the Richard Wagner bio-pic. . . . And Jess Barker’s bustle of activity since he took it on the chin in the divorce settlement with Susan Hayward, getting practically nothing but the right to visit the children. Jess, who hadn’t worked at the acting trade much these last few years, suddenly found himself in brisk demand both for tv and pictures.

About the convincing way Olivia de Havilland scotched rumors that all isn’t well with her and her French squire Pierre Galante. . . . And about how the parade of Oscar candidates is growing apace in this 1954, a real “vintage year” for great films, with Maureen O’Hara assuring her pals with enthusiasm that “Tyrone Power is an absolute cinch for his performance in ‘The Long Gray Line.’ ” . . . About the likelihood that Grace Kelly and Oleg Cassini will be sending out wedding invitations right soon now. . . . And that Jack Webb, whose divorce from Julie London became final in November, will not wait very long before marrying his long-time sweetie Dorothy Towne.

About the warm romance that sprang up sans any warning at all between Shelley Winters and Sterling Hayden and the speculation among their friends as to whether this could possibly be the real thing—which most people doubt. Meanwhile Shelley, who drew down her fattest acting fee to date for “Night of the Hunter,” $75,000, has hurled a sneer overseas at Vittorio Gassman, who refused to contribute as much as one lira to the support of their infant daughter unless he’s conceded the right to see her. Only one thing’s certain—Shell will explode in all directions when Gassman arrives in Hollywood for his M-G-M commitment, which may be some time in 55. . . .

About the threatened breakup of the marriage of Audie Murphy and his second wife, Pam. Audie tells pals that after “To Hell and Back” gets into the theatres he hopes to leave his acting career behind and take up directing. “I’m sure I’ll be easier to live with,” he says.




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