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    Fred Robbins Tapes The Most Candid Interview Ever—With Joanne Woodward

    FRED: Hey there, Mrs. Joanne Woodward Newman. JOANNE: Hey. That sounds so southern. FRED: You want to get back to New York, don’t you? JOANNE: Yes, I do. FRED: What don’t you like about California? JOANNE: It’s what I love about New York, not what I don’t like about California. California’s fine, if you like California....

    The Fall

    “A brilliant comedienne” was Laurence Olivier's assessment of his costar Marilyn Monroe before they began filming The Prince and the Showgirl in London in 1956....

    Exclusively Yours

    Why Liz Taylor’s men also fail for Dietrich. . . And Ava Gardner’s the loneliest gal in town, despite Walter Chiari...

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