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    Get These Men!

    Give a man enough rope and you’ll land him. And it looks as if some of these Hollywood beaux are nearing the end of their bachelor line...

    Gentlemen Marry Brunettes—Jane Russell and Jeanne Crain

    How do you like your heroines? Blond? Brunette? Jane Russell and Jeanne Crain give you a dazzling choice in “Gentlemen Marry Brunettes.” They play a dark-haired sister act—but in a flashback to the gay Twenties both go platinum-topped, Jane as her own mother, Jeanne as...

    Move Over For Jane Russell!

    A few months ago, on a late Sunday afternoon news telecast, a commentator announced that it had, indeed, been a confusing week. The public could take the anxiety over the postponement of the Nevada atomic tests; it could stand the strain of the recent flareup...